Happy meals the name signifies the amount of happiness, love and smiles that this meal brings to every child’s face. One of my favorite childhood treats was the one that is chicken McNuggets happy meal. The crispy and crunchy nuggets had won my heart ever since I had tasted them for the first time.

The joy of getting these nugget meals was doubled when my parents let me choose the add-ons, which could be anything from a bag of carrots to a small serving of french fries. Also they let you choose your own beverage which could be organic milk, fresh juice or a soft drink.

I still remember whenever we used to visit McDonald’s, I got confused on what to order because beyond nuggets McD had got a very delicious and scrumptious veggie dippers which was my favorite too.  The amount of excitement I felt whenever I saw those Red boxes. Those boxes were a symbol of joy and surprise. The center of attraction for the meal was the surprise toy that we used to get and for which we used to instantly open the boxes and upon finding it the joy and excitement brings a glow to our faces.

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Cost & Availability

The chicken McNuggets Happy meal is available at the cost of £ 3.59 and can be bought from any restaurant outlets after their breakfast shift ends, which is 11.00 AM.

The Secret Behind The Popularity Of These Chunky McNuggets

The secret to the popularity of these menu items lies in their special ingredients, from sourcing it via best suppliers to cooking it with perfection, at McDonald’s they make sure that quality of the product remains the same.

Here are some of the information about the items that I had gathered about chicken nuggets happy meal:

  • McNuggets: comes in a serving size of four nuggets, the crispy and crunchy nuggets serves as the best savoury treat for any kid.
  • Bag Of Carrots: fresh and nutritious carrots serve as the best add-on to a meal making it healthy and complete.
  • Organic Milk: what else could be as wholesome as a drink than a glass of milk, offered with a happy meal, this beverage choice makes your meal in compliance with all the dietary requirements of a kid.
McNuggets happy meal

You can customize your McNuggets happy meal by adding another beverage instead of the offered one and can also choose a small bag of fries or bag of apple slices instead of the offered bag of carrots. It all depends on the choice and taste preference of your child.

 Chicken Nuggets Happy Meal Calories

To keep a track of your calorie intake is a good habit and if you are trying and keeping record of your child’s nutritional intake then you are practising good parenting. 

Given below is the nutritional chart of the chicken nugget happy meal calories in UK

Nutritional InformationPer Portion 
Energy (KJ)1393
Energy (KCAL)333
Fat (g)13.4
Of which saturated (g)3.9
Carbohydrates (g)32.2
Of which sugar (g)18.2

Do You Know?

DIY Recipe Of Chicken McNuggets By McDonald’s

Being an absolute fan of these signature nuggets by McDonald’s, I have tried many recipes to replicate the taste and texture of these nuggets. Here is the recipe that I have tried:


  • Chicken breasts 1-2
  • Salt 2-3 tsp
  • MSG ½ tsp

For Coating

  • Cornstarch ½ cup
  • Eggs 2
  • All purpose flour 1 cup
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Celery powder ½ tsp
  • White pepper 1 tsp

Preparation & cooking

  • Cut chicken breast fillet into small cubes.
  • Mince the meat by using a meat mincer.
  • Add salt and MSG into chicken mince.
  • Make a thick batter by mixing ¾ cup water into the cornstarch.
  • Now add eggs and salt into the cornstarch mixture.
  • Shape the nuggets and coat it with dry all purpose flour, then shred excess flour.
  • Coat in the tempura or cornstarch batter.
  • Now shallow or deep fry the nuggets.
  • You can also bake them in an oven or airfryer.

Serving Suggestion

For best taste, consume these nuggets warm and fresh. You can use ketchup to enhance the taste of overall food. You might add potato fries to make this meal a complete delectable treat for your kid.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Justin, a part time cashier at a supermarket, claims that he had tried all the variants of happy meals just to ensure that he gets the  maximum number of toys that have been given with happy meals.
Justin, a part time cashier at a supermarket
cashier at a supermarket

 Marketing Strategies & Addressing Concerns of Audience

McDonald’s has been renowned for its apt marketing strategies and happy meal is one the best examples of their perfect marketing strategies. Addressing the concerns of the parents and advertising to instantly grab attention of kids, they had ruled the fast food market by being the pioneers of successfully incorporating kids friendly menus into their delicious and vast wraps menu.

Although there have been several controversies that have been sparked stating that food items in these happy meals are contributing to childhood obesity. Because of the low nutritional values it was considered as not a healthy food item. But later on McD’s addition of healthy Fish fingers gives an apt answer to all these critiques. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These signature chicken McNuggets are made up of white meat chicken, coated in seasoned coatings to make it a more juicy, tender and delectable treat.

No, as these nuggets are made from chicken meat, these nuggets are not suitable for people with vegetarian or vegan food preferences.

The calorie count and nutritional values may vary according to serving size and any added sauces, but a typical 4 piece nugget serving contains an approximate of 190 calories.

Although it is recommended that you must consume these foods while warm and fresh to get the best taste, in case you want to buy them for later use, you can refrigerate them and then reheat them using a microwave, oven or a pan. Make sure that you keep a cautious eye on the food while heating to avoid overcooking or burning of food.


In conclusion, I won’t be wrong if I say that chicken McNuggets hold a very special place in every kid’s heart. The crispy crunchy outside texture while the juicy taste makes it a feast for every kid. Also the addition of ketchup and honey mustard sauce helps in enhancing the taste of the meal. 

The surprise that we all cherish since our childhood, the happy meal toy is something that makes it the favourite of millions of kids across the globe.

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