The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy

Get thrilled by the BBQ & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy from McDonald’s each Tuesday and Thursday to stir up your taste buds. Whether this is by grilling it delivered to afford a taste of health plays and diversion or chicken in crispy crunchiness both provide welcome options for those wanting variety, trapping the goodness within tortillas as an oversized spa constructor beckons you on a culinary walkabout.

Mcdonald’s The BBQ & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy Wrap of the Day Price

BBQ & Bacon Chicken One

BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap Video

Nutritional Information (Summary)

2067kJ Energy kJ

(25 % RI)

493kcal Energy kcal

(25 % RI)

20 grams fat

(28 % RI)

22.8 grams saturated fat

(14 % RI)

2.3 grams salt

(38 % RI)

Nutritional Information (Complete)

Nutritional InformationPer Portionper portion%RI (Adult)% daily value for an adult
Energy (kJ)Energy in kJ206725% RI*25%
fat (g)fat in grams49325% RI*25%
fat (g)fat ingrams2028% RI*28%
of which saturated (g)of which saturated in grams2.814% RI*14%
carbohydrates (g)carbohydrates in grams5320% RI*20%
protein (g)protein in grams6.57% RI*7%
salt (g)salt in grams3.9
fibre (g) fibre in grams2449% RI*49%
salt (g)salt ingrams2.338% RI*

Ingredients in the The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One – Crispy

The grilled chicken is the shining star in this role. McDonald’s serves 100% chicken breast meat with no extenders or preservatives. The chicken is seasoned, grilled to perfection, and diced into bite-sized chunks. Each time you take a bite of the wrap, you will savor the juicy grilled chicken that has been warmed up and seasoned.

A wrap without bacon is never really chicken Caesar. The McDonald’s recipe features 100% applewood smoked bacon, which they cook until crispy and then finely chop into pieces. The bacon’s salty-smokey flavor melds wonderfully with the grilled chicken and the Caesar dressing.

The classic Caesar dressing of dressing ties all the salad components. The Caesar Dressing at McDonald’s is made from a perfect blend of olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, lemon juice, chopped garlic, herbs and spices. The cool and creamy dressing goes well with the warmth of grilled chicken and bacon. Each chew, it releases the mesmerizing taste of garlic, lemon, and Parmesan.

The crisp lettuce leaves, especially the romaine, give the wrap a fresh, crunchy base to it. The lettuce acts as an essential component that both lightens the wrap and showcases all the flavors. Chilling right after being harvested is what McDonald’s used on their lettuce to ensure the crispness and freshness of the vegetables.

Big, hot flour tortilla envelops all the ingredients. McDonald’s tortillas are made from simple ingredients: flour, vegetable oil, salt, and water. The tortilla offers the perfect combination of flexibility and sturdiness, ensuring that everything is held together but not broken when seasoned with bold Caesar dressing.

With its top-quality ingredients and the right taste triple of flavors and texture, the Chicken Bacon Caesar Wrap from McDonald’s is very good and really the best thing on the menu on Monday and Saturday. Dig in and enjoy!

McDonald’s BBQ & Bacon Chicken Wrap- FAQS

The McDonald’s BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap is certainly delicious but considering it has recently landed on the open you are definitely wondering whether this wrap can solve your dietary issues.

A BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap is pegged anywhere between $3 to $4 in many places.

The wrap has a crispy chicken breast fillet, bacon, lettuce, and tomato with chunks of cheddar cheese inside the sauce consisting of sweet and smoky BBQ sauce to bring an authentic taste in between thick flour tortilla.

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap bird breast is crispy. In order to make the chicken breast crispy, McDonald’s lightly batters and fries it then combines with other ingredients in wrapping.

The wrap is filled with McDonald’s brand sauce that has a sweet and smokey taste. There are just hints of molasses, herbs, and spices that blend well with the crisp chicken, bacon, and vegetables

Tips to Customize Your BBQ and Bacon Chicken Wrap

  • Add or take away other ingredients including lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese among others.
  • Exchange the crispy chicken for a grilled chicken breast.
  •  Replace BBQ sauce with ranch dressing or any alternative; like pickles, and onions.

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