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Although I am not a morning person, the only thing that makes me wake up early is breakfast. My favorite part of breakfast is to visit McDonald’s as their are full of flavors and star of the menu is their delicious breakfast roll with ketchup.

There is just something special about that soft fluffy roll with the perfectly cooked eggs, a crisp slice of back bacon,the tender sausage patty and the gooey cheese.

When it all is eaten with sweet and sour tomato ketchup, the taste of it becomes too good that you plan to visit almost everyday in their breakfast hours that is between 5.00 AM till 11.00 AM


Grabbing food from the Quick wrap meals at McDonalds which are full of flavors is also a big reason of visiting McDonald’s. These meals are perfect for snacking and munching anytime of the day.

Price Of McDonalds Breakfast Roll with ketchup

The cost of this delectable menu item is £ 4.09

What Makes These Rolls So Special?

The secret is in its ingredients, sourcing it through highly reputed suppliers to its final preparation, people at McDonald’s make sure that it caters its customers needs and demands.

The special ingredients include:

  • Fluffy Rolls: soft rolls that provide the perfect base for extra layers of flavors.
  • Sausage patty: a flavorful, juicy, full of delicious spices and goodness to provide flavor packed treats to your taste buds. 
  • Eggs: perfectly cooked eggs that balance all the flavors.
  • Back bacon slice: a crispy and delicious crispy bacon slice adds perfect crunch to the roll.  
  • Cheddar cheese slice: the next to perfection, melted cheese gives the roll a gooey texture.
  • Sweet and sour tomato ketchup: the slightly sweet and sour tomato ketchup balances all the flavors of breakfast roll completely.

McDonald’s caters breakfast menu items that complies with all dietary needs of an average adult person. Be it their delicious sausage and egg McMuffin or the signature double bacon mcmuffin. Every item that is in their breakfast menu is a healthy combination of all the necessary nutritional elements that are required by our bodies.

Want To Know How Many Calories Are In A Roll?

I have always been a health conscious person, therefore I always keep a check on my calorie count and nutritional value intake.

At McDonald’s, they have provided every little detail about nutritional values of their menu item on their official web portal. Also you can seek for further information while placing orders at McDonald’s.

Given below are some of the nutritional value details:

Nutritional value Per portion 
Energy (KJ)2082
Energy (KCAL)496
Fat (g)22
Of which saturated (g)8.0
Carbohydrates (g)42
Of which sugar (g)8.3
Fibre (g)2.5
Protein (g)31
Salt (g)2.7

Allergen Alert

It may contain some traces of:

  • Sesame seeds.
  • Milk.
  • Barley.
  • Rye. 

Also note that as I gathered information about cooking procedure, all the buns, bagels, rolls, tortilla wraps and flatbreads share the same toaster therefore it may contain and transit sesame seed traces.

Fun Facts

McDonald’s breakfast menu items and condiments vary depending upon the region to cater the demands of local customers’ taste and preferences.

McDonald’s breakfast rolls DIY recipe

Since I crave a lot for these tasty and delicious breakfast rolls, I had tried some recipes and added my own hacks to create an almost similar recipe, that tastes somewhat like McD’S breakfast rolls

Things you may need

  • Rolls. 
  • Eggs.
  • Back bacon strips.
  • Pork Sausage patties.
  • Cheese slices.
  • Tomato ketchup.


  • Heat pan to moderate temperature.
  • Toast rolls on a heated pan.
  • Put a small amount of butter or vegetable oil in the pan. Fry and cook the sausage patties till it is completely cooked from both sides.
  • Fry bacon slices in hot butter to make it crispy.
  • Fry eggs till yolk attains required consistency.


  • Take the bottom half of the roll, spread a generous amount of ketchup onto it.
  • Now add sausage Patty onto it.
  • Top the sausage Patty with crunchy bacon slices.
  • Now add eggs on top of the bacon slice.
  • Place cheese slices on top of all ingredients.
  • Cover it all with the top half of the roll.
  • Gently toast the prepared roll till cheese gets melted to perfection.

Serving Ideas

  • You can have these delicious breakfast rolls with Ketchup.
  • It goes really well with crispy potato fries or crunchy hash browns.
  • You can eat this yummy-licious breakfast roll with any cold or hot beverages of your choice.

Do you know 

The signature tomato ketchup and Brown sauce plays a pivotal role in the popularity of McDonald’s breakfast menu.

Things you must keep in mind

  • Try to use freshly cooked ingredients to retain the freshness.
  • Eat it when the rolls are warm and fresh to have the perfect taste.
  • Be gentle when toasting it after placing all the condiments in it.
Face 2

Customer Reviews

Johnathan, a university student, shares that almost daily he stops by McDonald’s to enjoy their breakfast menu in peace before starting his chaotic daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 Although, the recipe of tomato ketchup served at McDonald’s is a well kept secret but as per their official source the ketchup contains tomato puree, glucose-fructose syrup,spirit vinegar,salt and spices extract.

A.2 The carbohydrates content may vary according to the regional and kind of rolls. However,according to a general approximate estimate a breakfast roll typically contains 30-40 grams of carbs.

A.3 The amount of calories depends upon the serving size. However, in a single serving (approximately 1 Tbsp), there are 15 grams of calories present.

A.4 The bagel is made up of mayonnaise, yellow mustard, lemon juice , steak sauce, dill weed, salt and pepper. It aids in enhancing the flavor of bagels.

A.5 Bagels were removed from McDonald’s breakfast menu items in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Fans get quite disappointed because of this decision of McD.

A.6 McDonald’s ketchup is made by Heinz but with fewer ingredients that is why many people found both of the ketchup quite similar.

Wrap up 

McDonald’s breakfast rolls significantly represents the brand’s commitment of serving their customers with the best menu items that are too budget friendly.

The sole reason I am a big fan of these breakfast rolls is that they provide delicious and nutritious breakfast menu items without breaking my bank.

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