When it comes to breakfast on the go, Mcdonald’s has been a top priority since forever, and mcdonalds hash browns has been a shining star of the menu.

These crispy brown potato sides are favorites of thousands of customers across the world. People take time out from their hectic routine just to munch on these savory treats. 

Ever wondered how much mcdonalds hash brown uk are?

Availability and price

McDonald’s hash browns are available at a mere cost of £ 1.19 (check for prices as per your location).


Versatile breakfast option

These crispy brown mcdonalds hash browns could be enjoyed alone or can be paired with any of the other breakfast menu items. Their versatility allows you to have them as you want.


Enjoy it as a standalone item or complement it with other breakfast items, for instance, with sausage and egg mcmuffins or egg and cheese mcmuffins.

Many customers pair them with other items to make their mornings healthy and filling.

Fun Facts

Mcdonald’s was founded by two brothers Richard and Maurice Donald in the 1940s but later on in 1955 it was owned by Ray Krock.

Fun Facts

Mcdonald’s hash browns had catered customers requests for easy breakfast on hectic mornings. 

Components And preparation 

The main ingredients of McDonalds Hash browns are:

  • Potatoes. 
  • Vegetable oil. 
  • Salt & Seasoning. 
  • Maize flour.
  • Black pepper.

Insight to the cooking process

The cooking process of mcdonalds hash browns with a blend of grated potatoes, salt and pepper shaped into oval patties. These patties are then partially cooked and flash frozen to preserve their shape and texture.

potato hashbrown on tray

They are then further fried whenever an order has been received, ensuring that their exterior is crispy and crunchy while the interior remains soft and fluffy.

This all has been done under careful timing and temperature controlled environment to provide the customers with what they had ordered for. 

How the crispiness is attained and retained

The crispiness is attained with a meticulous cooking process. The cooking process ensures that hash browns are crispy while they are being served hot.

It is recommended that it must be consumed warm to enjoy the meal’s crispiness and freshness. 

Potential Ad-ons and condiments

Although hash browns are a wholesome meal, yet you can request to add further items to make it more flavorful and tasty. These items could be:

  • Cheese:adding a layer of melted cheese could enhance all the flavors.
  • Hot sauce OR ketchup: if you want to enjoy an extra kick of the flavors then these add-ons are perfect for you.
  • Bacon: incorporating crispy bacon would enhance the flavor to its fullest.

Calorie count And nutritional table

Potatoes are considered as one of the healthiest vegetables, they contain all the essential nutritional elements which are required by the body. 

Do you want to know how many calories in hash browns UK have?

Enlisted below is a chart of nutritional values that a serving of mcdonalds hash browns contains: 

Nutritional valueAmount 
Calories 127 KCal
Protein 1.1 g
Carbohydrates 13 g
Fat 7.4 g 
Salt 0.64 g
Saturates 0.7 g
Sugar 0.2 g 

Background about the origin of Hash browns recipe

Evolution of the recipe over the years

At McDonald’s their aim is to cater customer’s needs and demand. They evolve the recipes, condiments and serving sizes of their signature menu over a certain period just to ensure that all the needs of their customers are addressed.

They first introduced hash browns made with rosette potatoes but later on added three other varieties of the potato, the ranger, the umatilla and the shepody, to facilitate all types of customers.

HomeMade Recipe, A Version Of McDonald’s Hash Brown UK

Things you need:

  • Medium sized potatoes 4-5. 
  • Salt as per taste.
  • Cornstarch ¼ cup. 
  • Seasoning as per choice.
  • Black pepper ½ tsp.
  • Oil for frying. 


  • Rinse and peel the potatoes, grate them with the help of a grater.
  • Squeeze out potatoes to get rid of excess moisture that is retained in the potatoes, this is done to make food more crispier.
  • Spread the squeezed shredded potatoes on a kitchen towel.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan at 200 degrees. Add shredded potatoes in it for 5-6 minutes.
  • Strain it with the help of a metal strainer, collect and cool the oil for later use.
  •  Add salt and ¼ th cup of corn starch into potatoes, this would help them stick together. You can use flour also but corn starch is lighter than the flour and works well.
  • Now spread parchment paper on the baking tray, place tightly packed oval shaped potato mixture onto it. One hash brown patty will weigh around 100g approx.
  • If you shape them with a light hand, all the mixture will fall apart while frying.
  • Freeze them for 2-3 hours. After they are freezed completely, toss them all in a zip lock bag, they will remain fresh for 2-3 months.
  • Whenever you want to have them, you can deep fry, shallow fry or bake them.
  • For the best and crispiest version of it, we recommend that you must deep fry them.    

Serving Suggestions

you can have mcdonalds hash browns with scrambled eggs, beef or chicken sausages or any breakfast sandwich for a fuller and healthier meal option.

When it comes to meal on the go, Mcdonald’s wrap of the day deals and selections have been a top priority since forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

McDonalds hash browns are made of russet potatoes. With the passage of time McDonald’s have started to incorporate three types of potatoes, the ranger, umatilla and the shepody.  

No, hash browns are not gluten free as they contain wheat.

In most locations, McDonald’s serves hash browns only during breakfast hours.

Yes, these Hash browns contain no dairy, and they are suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Yes, they are suitable for vegetarian diets.

Mcdonalds Hashbrowns does not contain any major allergens like dairy, nuts, eggs, soy or wheat. Yet, it is recommended to inquire and take precautions because they share the same cooking and preparation space.    


In conclusion, Mcdonald’s breakfast hash browns had secured a place in the hearts (stomachs) of millions of customers across the globe. The crispy exterior and fluffy soft interior has melted hearts due to the freshness and flavor.

If paired with one of the signature breakfast mcmuffins, these hash browns become a savory treat for anyone. Many busy commuters, daily travelers and early morning breakfast lovers, stop by McDonald’s to enjoy this treat with McCoffee to have an energizing start of their hectic day.

This meal not only makes them feel energetic but also does no harm to their pockets. The sole reason people love and enjoy it is its taste, texture and being cost friendly. 

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