Brief Intro to Egg Bacon McMuffin

The Double bacon egg McMuffin was introduced along with other breakfast menu items to incorporate healthy yet affordable ready to eat delectables. 

The combination of toasted signature English Mcmuffin with two slices of crispy bacon and perfectly cooked egg and gooey perfectly melted cheese slice has made people fan of it. 

Double bacon egg mcmuffin instantly grabs attention as soon as it is launched, the core reason of its popularity is the crispness that is packed into it. 

Ever thought about bacon mcmuffin calories? And what is the price of double bacon egg mcmuffin? Look no further as we had gathered all the important details in our article.

Price & Availability

The yummy Double Bacon Egg mcmuffin are available at the cost of £ 4.39 during breakfast hours that starts from 5.00 A.M and lasts till 11.00 A.M

Double bacon egg McMuffin

It is yet recommended that you must check for availability and costs because it might differ slightly depending on regions. 

Customization option of Double Bacon Egg mcmuffin

You can have your bacon and egg mcmuffin as a single or can have it as a complete meal option with Mcdonald’s Hash browns, and signature McCafe’s Espresso shots to have a full meal satisfaction.

Special Ingredients

These double mcmuffins are made of top notch healthy and fresh ingredients that make them top priority choice for early risers, daily commuters and health conscious people. The core ingredients of egg bacon mcmuffin are:

  • Toasted signature English McMuffins.
  • Grade A, Freshly cracked eggs.
  • Crispy Back Bacon strips.
  • Processed cheddar cheese slices.
  • Liquid vegetable and dairy fat blend.

Fun Facts

  • If you are a sweet lover, you can eat a dessert in your breakfast too, just to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Nutritional Value Breakdown

Have you ever got curious about bacon egg mcmuffin calories?. Here is a breakdown table that specifically calculates McDonald’s Double bacon egg mcmuffin calories

Nutritional informationPer portion%RI (Adult)
Energy (KJ)157319% RI*
Energy (KCal)37619% RI*
Fat 1826% RI*
Of which saturated 6.734% RI*
Carbohydrates (g)2710% RI*
Of which sugar (g)2.83% RI*
Fiber (g)1.8
Protein(g) 2449% RI*
Salt (g)2.033% RI*

*Reference intake for an average adult (8400 KJ/2000 KCAL)

Allergen information 

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Sesame seeds
  • Rye, wheat gluten

It may also contain:

  • Peanuts and nuts
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Mustard
  • Soy
  • Celery
  • Sulfites 

Do You Know?

Fiber and proteins are the most essential components of a healthy breakfast. 

HomeMade DIY Double Bacon & Egg Recipe

McDonald’s was synonymous for serving seasonal wraps and meals before they introduced their signature McMuffin range. I have researched and found out the history of the creation of their signature range. Let’s take a look:


  • bacon or canadian bacon
  • Eggs
  • American cheese slices 
  • English muffins
  • Butter, vegetable oil.


  • Fry your slices of bacon until crisp and done.
  • Toast your English muffins on a hot griddle.
  • Cook your eggs until smooth yolk consistency
  • Place cheese slices on toasted muffins.
  • Now carefully place eggs on the cheese slices.
  • Now add crispy bacon slices.

Cover up with the other half of the toasted muffins.

Serving Suggestions

You can have your double bacon and egg muffins with crispy hash browns or fries and also add a drink of your choice to make it filling and more delectable.

 Importance Of Breakfast 

People who understand the importance of breakfast know that it acts as fuel for your body. A healthy breakfast can make your day full of energy and keep you active for performing daily routine chores and hectic work schedules. 

Nutritionists recommend having a filling, nutritious and healthy breakfast to have a healthy gut. It would also be helpful in weight management while keeping you active and fit.

breakfast anime

The McMuffin’s origin dates back to the1970’s when the trend of breakfast was not so popular yet it was getting a common idea to have ready made breakfasts available.

Do You Know?

Double bacon and egg mcmuffins were introduced first in Australia, as a limited time offer to cater customer’s need for a healthy breakfast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 The double bacon and egg muffins comprises double amounts of bacon and eggs to make it a more healthier and filling breakfast option.

A.2 It all depends on your needs, you may add or remove ingredients as per your choice. Also you can add more basic ingredients to make it a healthier option. For instance, you can also add another slice of cheese.

A.3 The nutritional value of double egg mcmuffin is 1573 KJ. although it might differ if you add or omit ingredients from it.

A.4 McDonald’s typically uses pork bacon as it is popular because of its texture, flavor and crispiness.

A.5 At McDonald’s their motto is to cater to customer’s preferences, therefore they can provide you with customized options, where you can add or remove ingredients as per your dietary recommendations and restrictions.

A.6 At McDonald’s they only use and serve Grade ‘A’ freshly cracked eggs in all their recipes.

A.7 At McDonald’s, it is available as the big breakfast at the cost of £2.49. It is not sold individually but in a full meal combo served with sausages and crispy hash browns.

A.8 It contains common allergens such as eggs, milk (from cheese) and wheat from English Muffins. Although food cooking and preparation areas are shared therefore people with dietary restrictions are suggested to make informed orders in order to avoid any health hazard.

A.9 McDonald’s breakfast menu items are available during their breakfast serving hours only. They had allotted six hour slots for breakfast so that they can enjoy their healthy breakfast easily.

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Customer Reviews

Mr. Philip, a loyal McD’s customer states that whenever he is in need of ready to eat healthy breakfast, McDonald’s delectable items are my top most priority. It makes me feel energetic and fresh.  


The double bacon and eggs mcmuffins stands as a proof of McDonald’s motto. I.e. to cater customer’s needs and demands. For them, customers’ choices, recommendations and needs are their first priority. With the irresistible combination of eggs and crispy bacon the double McMuffin stays diet conscious peoples’ first and top most choice. Although there are many other healthier options available on McDonald’s breakfast menu. 

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