How I Fell In Love With McDonald’s Espresso Shot

I remember whenever we used to visit McDonald’s, my parents got excited as much as I did. The reason was their love for McDonald’s signature espresso single. The aroma of that hot coffee was something anyone could become a fan of.

Although McDonald’s were famous for their burgers and fries,  after we got introduced to McD’s wraps and breakfast menu, it became another reason to love McD., it became another reason to love McD. At first I thought that we could only get their coffee at breakfast but then I came to know that they had incorporated the coffee into their all day long menus.

Later on, after realizing the demand from their customers, McDonald’s launched their signature coffee under the brand name McCafe’ in 1993. It became a sure shot hit instantly challenging the renowned coffee brands, by introducing their own varieties of coffee that includes cappuccinos, sweet toffee lattes and everyone’s favorite espresso single.

Everyone loves to have these coffee by McDonald’s as it is made with freshly ground 100% pure arabica coffee beans, it serves as energizer for people who are tired or have hectic schedules ahead. 

In this article I had gathered all the information about the ingredients and nutrition count of these beloved coffee espresso single shots.

espresso single

Availability & Prices

It is available at the price of £ 0.99 and can be bought from all the McDonald’s restaurants in their serving hours.

What Makes It So Special

The core reason that lies in the popularity of any thing is in their ingredients. The ingredients that make these espresso single shots so delectable and flavorful are:

100% Arabica Beans

The Espresso single is made with freshly ground arabica beans that are famous for their superior quality and aromatic flavor. They are sourced from certified farms of rainforest alliance. They are selected and grounded freshly to ensure that every single cup of McDonald’s coffee brings freshness and taste to their customers. The signature McCafe’ showcases the commitment of McDonald’s to serve their customers with the best in everything.

Do You Know?

 Nutritional Count Of Espresso Single Shots

It is necessary that you must be aware of your nutritional intake of every single thing that you consume. I ensure to gather all possible information about my dietary intake. That’s why I had gathered calorie count information of these espresso single shots by McDonald’s. Have a look:

Nutritional Information Single shotDouble shot
Energy (KJ)35
Energy (KCAL)11
Fat (g)0.00.0
Of which saturated (g)0.00.0
Carbohydrates (g)0.10.2
Of which sugar (g)0.00.0
fibre (g)0.00.0
protein (g)0.10.1
salt (g)0.000.00


  • Coffee beans.
  • Cross contamination.

It is strongly advised that you must make informed orders in order to avoid food borne diseases, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Reasons people love McCafe’s coffee

Some of the reasons that people love the coffee served at McDonald’s UK are:

  • Customization: At McDonald’s they serve to cater the demands and requests of their customers. You may customize your single espresso shots by requesting them to serve you with extra. For instance, rather than single shot you may ask for double shot, also you can ask for extra sugar for added sweetness.
  • Freshness: McDonald’s ensures to use freshly ground coffee beans and that makes their coffee a charm that is flavorful and aromatic. Freshly ground coffee beans aid in enhancing the taste and texture of the coffee, making it an irresistible treat.

Availability & Price

The coffee is something that is served at Breakfast hours in some restaurants, but that is not the case at McDonald’s they ensure that their customer’s can cherish and enjoy their coffee anytime of the day whenever they are in the mood for it. That too at the mere starting cost of £ 0.99.


 DIY Recipe Of Espresso Single At Home


  • Freshly ground coffee beans 1-½ teaspoons.
  • Hot water 60 ml.


  • Pour the coffee beans in a cup.
  • Pour water onto it.
  • Stir well until a golden brown creamy liquid appears on top of it.


  • You may use store bought grinded beans.
  • Grind the beans again using your grinder.
  • Use extremely hot water and stir well ensuring that your coffee is blended perfectly.
  •  You may add sugar in the coffee, if you like your coffee a bit sweet.
  • Consume it while it is fresh and hot to have the best of its taste.

Fun Fact

Frequently Asked Questions

In a single shot of Espresso served at McDonald’s, it contains approximately 63 grams of caffeine making it an average energy booster.

The coffee beans that are used in coffees served at McDonald’s are freshly ground 100% arabica beans. These coffee beans are popular for their smooth texture and aromatic flavorful taste.

These signature espresso single shots are available at all the locations that are equipped with their McCafe’ offerings, which are generally available at many locations globally.

The calorie count of espresso singles may vary according to the added ingredients, i.e. sugar. But, according to an approximate estimated figure, a single shot of espresso contains about 5 calories.

The Espresso single has a strong and bold taste with hints of caramel, supported and boosted by the golden creamy liquid on its top.

At McDonald’s they often add espresso singles as part of their promotional campaigns and deals. It is recommended that you check their official web portal or at your nearest locations for updated information regarding deals and promotions.

Although, the espresso single is a wholesome drink in itself, yet you may add syrups or cream to it, if you want to enhance the taste according to your preferred taste.


The espresso single served at McDonald’s is a visual representation of the  restaurant’s commitment to serve their customers according to their moods and demands. The flavorful aromatic taste of the coffee is a valuable item that helps them in building their repute among their competitors.

The cost at which McDonald’s are serving these espresso single shots adds an extra layer of hype in the love that their customer’s have. Their coffee is loved globally because of its bold and strong flavor making it a drink full of aroma and energy.

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