An Overview Of McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast wrap with ketchup is a combination of pork sausage patty, a crisp streaky bacon slice with two perfectly cooked free range eggs and an irresistibly crispy potato rosti with melted cheese slice, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla wrap. These significant breakfast wraps are served with either tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

A hand held breakfast option that is considered as the  star of McDonald’s tasty wrap selections  in the UK because of its rich burst of flavors and heavy texture.

The McDonald’s breakfast burrito is full of nutrition and it fulfills all the dietary needs of an average adult person.


Price & Availability

The famous and alluring McDonalds breakfast wraps are available at the price of £4.39 and you can enjoy it in their breakfast serving hours that starts from 5.00 A.M and lasts till 11.00 A.M. 

A Sneak Peak Into The Special Ingredients of McD’s Breakfast Wraps

The ingredients and condiments that make these burritos alluring are: 

  • Scrambled eggs: creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs add velvety texture to the wraps.
  • Pork sausage patty: adds meaty and juicy flavors to the famous breakfast wraps.
  • Potato rosti: add a crispy and crunchy delight to every bite of the wraps. 
  • Cheddar cheese slices: the gooey and melting creamy richness of cheese make every bite worth eating.
  • Streaky bacon slice: adds a smoky and salty kick to the savory treat. 
  • Flour made tortillas: provides a perfect balance of delectable and delightful blend of texture and flavor.
  • Tangy ketchup: a tangy and slightly sweet ketchup serves as the perfect condiment and enhances the overall flavor of the breakfast wraps.
  • Brown sauce: the tangy rich brown sauce serves as perfect sauce to 
  • go with flavorful breakfast burritos.

What is McDonald’s Breakfast Nutrition? 

As we all know that McDonald’s breakfast menu is popular for its healthy options and diet that complies with all the nutritional needs that are required for an adult person to go through their hectic daily life and work routines.

Here is a complete breakdown of a mcdonald’s sausage burrito nutrition:

Nutritional infoPortion % RI (Adult)
Energy (KJ)276633%*
Energy (KCAL)66133%*
Fat 3448%*
Of which saturated 1020%*
Carbohydrates 5250%*
Of which sugar 5.97%*
Fibre 5.3
Protein 3570%*
Salt 2.644%*

*RI denotes reference intake of an Average adult

Allergens It May Contain:

  • Traces of sesame seeds.
  • Milk
  • Barley 
  • Rye

Precaution advised

Since the food preparation and cooking area are shared therefore it is strongly recommended that you must make informed orders in order to avoid any health hazard. 

Customization And Serving Suggestions

Although it is a healthy and filling breakfast wrap yet you can make it more filling by adding some extra ingredients into it. For example, you may ask for another sausage patty or an extra slice of cheese.

You can also omit some ingredients from the uk breakfast wraps, if you do not want to have heavy breakfast.

 You can make it as a complete meal by ordering McDonald’s signature McCafe’ to go perfectly well with the famous wraps.

You may also order their signature breakfast wrap with brown sauce McDonalds instead of ketchup to be more specific.

MY JOURNEY WITH MCDONALDS MUFFIN WITH JAM You can make it as a complete meal by ordering McDonald’s signature McCafe’ or their delicious Mcdonalds jam muffins to go perfectly well with the famous wraps.

Fun Facts

The addition of tangy tomato ketchup in the breakfast menu was a step by McDonald’s that has garnered many customer’s attention.

CopyCat DIY McDonald’s Breakfast Wraps Recipe

Ingredients you may need:

  • Wheat tortillas.
  • Streaky bacon slices.
  • Ready to eat Hash browns.
  • Cheddar cheese slices. 
  • Eggs. 
  • Pork sausage patty.

Cooking & Assembling:

  • Toast tortillas on a hot griddle.
  • Fry streaky bacon slices till cooked and crispy.
  • Fry hash browns or you can bake them as well.
  • Fry sausage patty in butter, it would take 8-10 minutes till completely cooked.
  • Now, beat eggs in a large bowl,
  • Heat butter and prepare scrambled eggs in a pan.
  •  Now, place scrambled eggs on the tortilla wraps.
  • Top it with sausage patty.
  • Now add bacon slices on the sausage patty.
  • Place the prepared hash browns on the sausage patty.
  • Add cheddar cheese slices.
  • Finally fold the tortilla wrap gently to give a handheld shape.
  • If you want it steamy hot, gently toast again on a hot griddle. 
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Customer’s reviews

Mariah, an avid fan of McDonald’s breakfast wraps, states that she prefers to have these tortilla wraps early morning because it helps her to stay fresh and active despite being a hectic work routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 It is not at all necessary that you order the wraps with ketchup only, you are free to order it with brown sauce. It all depends on your taste pallets and flavor needs.

A.2 You may ask for it at McDonald’s kiosk while ordering and all the nutritional value information is available at their official website. They had assigned designated web portals as per regions.

A.3 These wraps can be reheated anytime. All you have to do is to place it in the microwave oven and heat it for 30-40 seconds.

A.4 Unfortunately, there are no Gluten free options available in McDonald’s Breakfast wraps. As these wraps are made of wheat flour, therefore, they contain wheat gluten, customers with gluten sensitivities had to consider other options or alternatives.

A.5 Yes, you can order all menu items and McDonald’s breakfast menu items through any food delivery application and can enjoy warm wraps in the comfort of your home.

A.6 The price may vary according to location. Therefore, it is advised to check for prices and availability as per your location. 


Importance of a healthy breakfast is known to all. It acts as a fuel for the body throughout the day.

 The delectable McDonald’s breakfast menu caters customers needs of a healthy breakfast and provides every possible combination to fulfill their demand.

Pocket friendly ready to eat breakfast by McDonalds had garnered love and attention from customers all over the world because of its low budget yet dietary compliance menu.

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