McDonald’s, a globally recognized popular food chain, has introduced an engaging program called “FOOD FOR THOUGHT ”.

This program is a survey based idea where consumers participate and get exclusive offers in return.

In our article, we would provide details regarding eligibility criteria, terms and conditions and benefits for the participant.


The McDonald’s food for thought program is designed to gather feedback and responses from their customers. It is a UK based program which is initiated to gather responses from the customers about their visit to Mcdonald’s and in response give them rewards, for instance, like cheaper meals.


The survey is to be completed on their website and for participating in it there is an eligibility criteria, few terms and conditions that needs to be fulfilled.

Go through our article and you will get all the details regarding the survey, its criteria and every detail.

Who Is Eligible

To be eligible for “food for thought McDonald’s ”, participants must meet the following criteria:

Age and Residence: participants must be 18 years old or over and are residents of the UK.

Completion of survey: eligible customers should have completed the survey within 60 days of receiving a receipt containing the code for participating in the survey.

Voucher And Receipt: participant will receive an email voucher containing the QR code or a 12 digit alphanumeric which designates them as an eligible customer.

Rewards you must expect

The McDonald’s food for thought program offers its participants the opportunity to purchase their favorite meal at a discounted price of just £1.99 or more as a reward for participating in the survey.

The menu of this offer may vary as per customer’s choice, it may include:

One Big-Mac, Filet-o-Fish or Vegetable Deluxe.


Along with your choice, you get either one medium fries OR a side salad.


It must be noted that these offers may change, so the options might vary subject to availability but in general you may expect these kinds of offer as a reward of survey completion.

Terms And Conditions

It is important for participants to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions associated with the “food for thought” program. This may include:

  • The offer is for one-time use per customer.
  • It should be redeemed before the mentioned expiry date.
  • This offer is valid for restaurant orders only.
  • Participants should note that the offer is subject to availability.
  • Participants should note that the offer is subject to availability.
  • The code for £1.99 does not expiry, it might be used whenever you want to.
  • You can choose from available options, there is no restriction on selecting an item from the given options.
  • McDonald’s reserves all rights to make the final decision.

What’s Good In It

Participation in these surveys means you help them make their service better and save money as a reward for helping them get better. With a receipt you can take part in improving the standards of McDonald’s

The voucher code that invites you to participate is on the receipt of last purchase. Ensure to provide honest answers in order to receive better services from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in the survey,visit within 60 days of receiving a receipt containing the survey participation code. You must complete the survey in order to be eligible for the offer.

Yes,the eligibility criteria for the survey is :

  1. You must be 18 years or older.
  2. You are a citizen of the UK.
  3. Remember to use the voucher within the specified expiration date. 
  4. All the specified items offered as rewards for the campaign are subject to the availability of the items.
  5. These vouchers could be redeemed at restaurant orders only.
  6. McDonald’s reserves all the rights to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

To redeem the offer, you can either scan the QR code or alphanumeric code at the digital kiosk,or you may present the 12 digit alphanumeric code at a till to the crew member.

No,the offer may only be used once per eligible customer,within the expiry date that is specified on the voucher.

 There is a specified menu that is offered as reward, which may include:

  • Big-Mac, Filet-o-Fish or Vegetable Deluxe.
  • Medium fries OR side salad.

The purpose of this campaign is to enhance the overall experience of customers while visiting McDonald’s. To make customers part of their businesses by taking their valuable feedback.

The data collected is used to improve the quality of food and standards of its Kiosks, to make the experience of visiting more comfortable and memorable.

CONCLUSION: Rewarding Feedbacks

The “Food For Thought” McDonald’sis a program that provides a testament to the company’s basic commitment of engaging with its customers. 

For McDonald’s, it is not only a survey but serves as a commitment of providing healthy, tasty meals to its customers. 

By taking valuable feedback it would help in strengthening the ties between its customers and McDonald’s. The core purpose of this program is to enhance the overall experience of customers while reinforcing the notion that every voice matters at McDonald’s.

Together we can build a healthy relationship and make this world a better place. So, save the receipt on your next visit and share your thoughts while receiving fruitful rewards. Everytime you would save some bucks, you would say “I’M LOVIN’ IT”.

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