Growing up, a trip to McDonald’s was one of the happiest times that I looked forward to. As a child, getting a happy meal on such trips was the height of happiness. The sight of those bright red colored boxes were a treat. The excitement and zeal that I felt while having those golden arched boxes was unmatchable.

The hamburger happy meal was introduced to cater the families with young children. The idea was to serve a meal that is healthy and filling to address parent’s concern towards giving a diet to their kids which complies with all the dietary needs and also build a sense of anticipation in the form of a surprise toy.

hamburger happy meal

As we all know,McDonald’s has a deliciously diversified menu but later they introduced a kids only menu to cater their young customers.

The star of the breakfast is always their Hamburger, which consists of a perfectly cooked beef patty seasoned with salt and black pepper topped with ketchup and a perfect amount of mustard. The taste gets almost perfect with melted cheese. 

The meal gets complete with McDonald’s signature carrot bag and Organic semi skimmed milk. What else could any meal offer in terms of a healthy meal?. All things present in the box are packed and served in compliance with hygiene standards. 

McDonald’s hamburger happy meal is available at the cost of £ 3.89,they start serving happy meals from 11.00 AM with the start of their lunch serving hours.

Special Ingredients & Condiments

The taste and texture of any food relies upon the ingredients that are being used in it. The hamburger in happy meal mcdonald’s is made up of:

  • Soft buns: the soft fluffy buns provide a perfect base to further toppings.
  • Beef patties: made with 100% pure beef, these patties are seasoned with black pepper and salt, giving a kick of flavors to your taste buds.  
  • Tangy pickle: the tangy and sour pickle allures your taste bud to take more and more bites.
  • Chopped onions: perfectly chopped onions give a crunchy and crispy touch to the whole meal experience.
  • Cheese: the perfectly melted cheese helps in combining all the ingredients while enhancing the flavor of each and every ingredient.
  • Ketchup: ketchup adds the hint of sweetness with slight tanginess to enhance all the flavors.

Mustard sauce: mustard sauce acts as a secret condiment that gives all the ingredients a rich taste

What are the Calories In McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal UK

Being a child of health conscious parents, i had always been taught to know about the calories intake every time I consume some Fast-food. As I grew up I looked for the calorie count of a hamburger. Here is what I found out about the hamburger happy meal calories:

Nutritional InformationPer portion
Energy (KJ)1705
Energy (KCAL)407
Fat (g)13.2
Of which saturated (g)6.0
Carbohydrates (g)47.2
Of which sugar (g)24.7
Fibre (g)4.4
Protein (g)22.5
Salt (g)1.46

Allergens present in hamburger happy meal

It may contain:

  • Wheat.
  • Soy.
  • Dairy from cheese and milk
  • Some traces of sesame. 

Although it must be noted that the food cooking and packing space are shared therefore people with food allergies must take precautions in order to avoid any food borne health complications.

Fun Fact

DIY Recipe of Hamburger By McDonald UK Happy Meal

I remember earlier in the days, when I had been introduced to happy meals at first, sometimes I nagged my mother to take me to McDonald’s and one such day she surprised me by making almost the same hamburger meal as of Mcdonald’s.

pic1 1

Here is the recipe that she had tried:

Ingredients You May Need

  • Thin beef patties 2.
  • Ketchup 2 Tbsp.
  • Mustard 2 Tbsp.
  • Cheese slices 2-4.
  • Chopped onion ¼ cup.
  • Pickle slices 6.
  • Fries 1 cup.
  • Burger Buns 2.
  • Salt ⅛ tsp.
  • Black pepper ⅛ tsp.
  • Vegetable oil ½ cup.

Do You Know?

Cooking & Preparation

  • Add salt & pepper to the patties.
  • Heat oil in a pan. 
  • Fry the beef patties in preheated oil.
  • Fry the patties at low heat from each side for 5 minutes or until cooked completely.
  • Once cooked, place the patties on the bottom half of the burger buns.
  • Top each patty with ketchup, mustard sauce, pickle slices and chopped onions.
  • Top it all with a slice of cheese.
  • Cover all the ingredients with the top half of the bun.
  • Warm it on a hot griddle until cheese melts to its perfect consistency.
  • Serve with fries and drink that your child likes.

Tips For A Perfect Hamburger

  • Do not overcook the patties, it will become dry and lose its juiciness.
  • You can use ready to eat fries or can make fresh batches at home.
  • Serve it with milk or fresh juice to make the meal healthier and filling. 

Customer Reviews

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Davis, A Chartered Accountant shared with us, “I still love to have McDonald’s Hamburger Happy meal. Whenever I eat I Cherish the memories that I had from my childhood with this meal ” 
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Bringing Change In Fast food Industry

McDonald’s and innovations are synonyms when it comes to incorporating newer techniques and fresh ideas into the fast food industry. When McD first introduced the idea of a kids specific menu, people were reluctant of the idea as they thought that it would be a big flop. But, as soon as they started advertising their Happy meals by marketing campaigns whose target audiences were kids of specific age, it gained immense popularity instantly.

Introducing hamburgers as their happy meal menu item had lured many parent’s attention as it had given a solution to their queries as well. Later they incorporated kids favorite nuggets into the menu alongside other items, so that kids get lots of choice from which they could select their favorite one Now, families with kids can go to McDonald’s and enjoy fast food without hesitation as the kids’ specific hamburger happy meal provides a solution to their concerns regarding the health of their kids.

Many competitors then adapted the idea of incorporating kids specific menus into their regular menus just to stay in the limelight. The idea was liked so much that by then till now, every food chain ensures that their menu contains some items that could be labeled as kids friendly. Later on McD incorporated the scrumptious fish fingers to integrate sea food into the  kids only menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

A kid’s happy meal comes at a mere cost of £ 3.89. 

Yes, at Mcdonald’s you have got freedom to customize any meal according to your requirements, needs, preferences and dietary choices. For a hamburger happy meal you may opt for a fruitbag instead of fries or can add a beverage that your child likes the most instead of semi-skimmed milk that is usually offered in the meal.

The hamburger deal is primarily designed for kids under the age of 11-10 but anyone who doesn’t want to have a heavy meal can buy it. People with low appetite or those who appreciate smaller meal portions can buy a hamburger happy meal.

McDonald’s very frequently updates the toy selection offered in hamburger happy meals. They practice it to keep the experience fresh and exciting for the kids.


In a world of evolution and complexities, McDonald’s happy meals stand as a representation of the power of simplicity. The hamburger happy meals reminds me of my simple yet pure childhood days when the only treat we have known was buying a happy meal at McDonald’s.

The evergreen taste and freshness of its items showcases the reason of McD’s popularity that is catering their consumer’s needs without compromising on quality and not being heavy on pocket.  

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