McDonalds UK Happy Meal  – Latest Updates [2024]

The McDonalds UK Happy Meal is an unforgettable experience, children enjoy the amazing food with outstanding toys and fun games. This is achieved by the consistent inclusion of a specific toy in a meal meant for the customers every time you get a Happy Meal you receive a member from a particular series.

McDonalds UK Happy Meal

Happy Meal cost & Variations in the UK?

Happy meal costs are £2.59 – £3.89 on average, depending on the area of the restaurant. You cannot order a Happy Meal toy online as this toy is provided separately from the meal only in the restaurant. Its average price will be £1.49; however, the price may change.

Although I am a big fan of happy meal cheeseburgers, the good thing about these meals is that they are available in five different variants. Here are the specifications:

Variety Of Happy MealsCost 
Chicken McNuggets happy meal£ 3.89
Cheeseburger happy meal£ 3.89
Fish fingers happy meal£ 3.89
Hamburger happy meal£ 3.89
Veggie dippers happy meal£ 3.89

What does a McDonalds UK Happy Meal consist of?

A full range of children’s favorites, such as fingers fish, chicken McNuggets, and veggie dippers with an apple & grapefruit bag, as well as a carrot bag side, and drink options, include water, milk, or a Fruit Shoot, plus, the all-important toy are all available and have been priced at a fraction of the price of adult meals.

 Whether are you a regular customer or ordering through the drive-thru on a Friday evening, or it is just for special occasions, if you have kids probably you would want to know what toys are at McDonald’s before you order.

Do You Know?

McDonalds 2024 Happy Meal Toys

In every one Happy Meal, Mcdonald’s is helping families find their smile that emphasizes individuality, and humanization of feelings through light and humor through this happenings. The ten toys that need to be collected are Mr. Happy, Mr. Funny, Mr. Bump, Mr. Calm, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Hug, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Sunshine, and Little Miss Brave.

Alongside this, each Happy Meal with Mr. Men or Little Miss Happy will be coming with a token that your little one can redeem for a free storybook (for World Book Day 2024) or £1 off a book or audiobook.

A brand-new and series-breaking show creates opportunities for families to initiate conversation and have shared activities that address feelings, health, and mental wellness. The promotion covering the UK period (that is, 4th January – 6th February) is dedicated to the return of Sonic to this Happy Meal campaign, which was extremely successful quite a while ago.

Mr. Men Little Miss

Happy Meal toys, namely Mr. Men Little Miss, have been introduced since the beginning of February 2024 by McDonald’s. The collection consists of 9 items. It is time to collect the whole game collection and enjoy playing with your friends!

Happy Meal toys, namely Mr. Men Little Miss, have been introduced since the beginning of February 2024 by McDonald’s. The collection consists of 9 items. It is time to collect the whole game collection and enjoy playing with your friends!

McDonald’s UK Happy Meal Toys

Happy Meal Book

Maybe you don’t want a toy after all. Instead, you can pick one of the Happy Meal books. You will receive a book entitled “Kindness and Helping a Loved One” which  features Mr Men and Little Miss as the characters.

McDonald’s UK Happy Meal Book

Fun Facts

Sonic the Hedgehog

The association of gaming with the globally recognized fast food chain has increased significantly in the past few years, especially with the success of Purple Trousers and Pikachu. Every fun box had one of 12 kid-appealing prizes celebrating Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and all the other characters from the family for the month of January, 2024.

McDonald’s UK Happy Meal

Audiences can also join in a fun Sonic drive accessible by QR codes on the side of every Sonic Happy Meal box and toy pack. Consumers who purchase Happy Meals from Sonic can scan the QR Code and move to the “Sonic digital experience” layers by sequentially completing Sonic missions.

Breakfasts are considered as the most important meal of the day. People at McDonald’s understand the value of this pivotal meal of the day and the health benefits that it contributes to the overall well being of a person. McD has offered a vast variety of nutritious breakfast menu items that includes varieties for both vegetarian and non vegetarian customers. 

You are someone who loves to have different variants of the same food. Well, look no further, because at McDonald’s you will have many different varieties of wraps under the category “McDonald’s wrap of the day”. These wraps are offered in different varieties on different weekdays. 

Customers are considered as the most important pillar on which the whole food chain depends on. Therefore McDonald’s has introduced a survey based program “McDonald’s Food For Thought”, it takes responses and feedback from the customers and in return they offer perks and benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 A McDonald’s happy meal typically includes a choice of main item such as Hamburger, cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets, a side item such as small bag of fries, apple slices or a bag of carrots. Also a variety of beverages are offered such as you may take water, milk, fresh juice or a small soft drink. And above all, the main attraction of the meal is the surprise toy.

A.2 At McDonald’s, they typically offer a selection of toys with their happy meals, and the specific toy may vary according to locations, promotions and availability. They usually do not let customers choose their toys. Also they make a selection of toys based on the popularity of that character or toy among the children.

A.3 At McDonald’s, they officially provide all the information regarding ingredients, nutritional values and allergens at their official web portal. Also you can ask about any information while ordering. They offer alternatives for children with dietary restrictions like gluten free options and serve juices as substitutes for milk and dairy.

A.4 Yes, adults may purchase happy meals, if they want to. Although these meals are made and marketed towards children yet there are no age restrictions on purchasing them. Many adults enjoy happy meals to feel nostalgic, also people with lower appetite enjoy having happy meals.

A.5 The amount of calories may vary depending upon the portion size and any additional dips or sauces. However, typically a small bag of carrots contains 30-40 calories per serving. It is although recommended to check for latest information about ingredients at your local restaurant while ordering in order to avoid any food borne hazards.


The McDonalds UK Happy Meal is a relatively widespread option for children that contains a main item, a side, a beverage, and a toy. It is meant for the young, but it could be suitable for all age groups. McDonald’s has focused on making sure that options like apple slices and milk are included in Happy Meals.

The toy that comes with the Happy Meal may vary in design, or it could be customizable depending on the options available at a particular location. Customers can access all the information regarding allergens for the menu items including those in Happy Meal, and adults are supposed to order Happy Meal if they prefer the portion size and content.

To be sure that you are getting the very latest and most accurate information, it is advised that you either visit the McDonald’s UK website or contact the restaurant directly.

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