An Overview Of Breakfast Wraps With Brown Sauce By Mcdonald’s

Start your day right with flavor packed McDonalds breakfast wraps along with their signature brown sauce. The delectable menu item serves the purpose of providing a healthy and nutritious breakfast at a mere cost.

McDonalds breakfast wrap is popular for its taste, flavors and texture. It consists of a juicy and tender pork sausage patty, a slice of streaky back bacon, with crispy and crunchy potato rosti and cheese served in a warm flour tortilla. The special brown sauce served with it makes its taste more flavorful and leaves you craving for more.

McDonalds breakfast wraps

Availability & Cost

The alluring mcdonald’s breakfast wraps are available during breakfast hours that starts from 5.00 A.M till 11.00 A.M. The brown sauce served at McDonald’s is available with breakfast menu items only. It costs around £4.39. Although prices may differ depending upon the locations. Therefore it is advised to check for prices before placing orders.

What Exactly Is The Brown Sauce?

Brown sauce is a secret blend of spices and seasonings that goes perfectly well with eggs, sausage patty, rosti potato and warm flour tortilla. It adds a tangy flavor kick that complements flavors of the breakfast wraps.

It is made from:

  • Water
  • sugar 
  • cane molasses, 
  • barley malt vinegar
  • tomato paste
  • maize starch 
  • Sugar
  • spices.

How Many Calories In McDonald’s Sausage Burrito?

The calories in mcdonald’s breakfast burritos are mentioned in the table below:

Nutritional information Per portion 
Energy (KJ)2783
Energy (KCAL)665
Fat (g)34
Of which saturated (g)10
Carbohydrates (g)53
Of which sugar (g)6.7
Fiber (g)4.9
Protein (g)35
Salt (g)2.5

Crafting The Perfect Breakfast Wraps

Ever wondered how McDonald’s breakfast wraps and other had never lost their charm and flavors. The answer to this is simple, it all begins from sourcing top notch quality ingredients from trusted suppliers.

From farm fresh eggs to juicy and tender sausage patty, each component is carefully selected to meet McDonald’s high quality taste and freshness standards. 

In the assembling process, skilled culinary specialists carefully pack warm tortillas in order to ensure that the flavors and crunchy freshness does not get compromised at any stage.

Do You Know?

The big breakfast by McDonald’s is considered as the healthiest among all breakfast menu items.

The Breakfast Wrap Experience

The experience that diners could expect is a burst of flavor that would soothe the taste palette as soon as you dig your teeth into the warm wraps. Diners would get mesmerized and lost in the taste and flavors of the breakfast wraps.

Be it the signature Breakfast wraps of maccies with ketchup or the one with brown sauce, every wrap has its own alluring flavor.

Each ingredient adds their part in evolving the taste of these wraps, from creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs to crunchy potato Rosti, from crispy bacon slice to gooey american cheese, these breakfast wraps by McDonald’s are a savory morning treat that does not harm your budget.

You may also pair it up with hash brown from Mcdonald’s. As a McDonald’s wraps lover suggest you to try McDonalds most famous big flavors wraps.

Fun Facts

The recipe of tangy and sweet brown sauce is kept a well guarded secret. Many people have tried to replicate it yet nobody can master it just like McD’s do.

DIY Homemade Mcdonalds Breakfast Wraps Recipe 

You can replicate the homemade version of your favorite McDonalds breakfast wraps by McDonald’s all by yourself.

Things you may need:

For The Wrap:

  • Streaky bacon slices
  • Sausage patty
  • Hash browns 
  • Eggs
  • Cheese slices 
  • Tortilla wraps

For Brown Sauce:

You can use HP or worcestershire sauce as a substitute for brown sauce.


  • Warm flour tortilla wraps on a hot griddle.   
  • Beat eggs and prepare fluffy scrambled eggs.
  • Fry sausage patties in hot butter. Cook from both sides until done.
  • Fry or bake hash browns until crunchy and golden.
  • Add butter in a pan and fry bacon slices until crisp.


  • Spread wrap on a flat surface.
  • Place prepared scrambled eggs onto the tortillas. 
  • Now place cooked sausage patties on the eggs.
  • Top it with crispy bacon strips.
  • Now add crunchy hash browns on other toppings.
  • Top it with a slice of cheese.
  • Gently fold the wrap.
  • Toast it on a hot pan to make it warm and till the cheese is melted to perfection.
  • Enjoy it with tomato ketchup OR brown sauce.

A Morning Savior The Breakfast wraps

At first, when in the 1970s McDonalds breakfast wraps were introduced, people thought of them as an ordinary fast food item. But, later on when they tasted, these wraps became an instant hit due to its rich flavors and creamy texture.

These wraps are considered as a complete meal which complies with all dietary standards yet pocket friendly.

The star of the breakfast wraps is the tangy and flavorful brown sauce which adds richness to the flavors of breakfast wraps. 

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Customer Reviews

Johnathan, a university student, delightfully shared that he loves to have breakfast at McDonald’s because he found these warm tortilla wraps with McD’s signature brown sauce worth spending money.

Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 No, the brown sauce is not spicy. It is a perfect blend of tanginess and sweet flavors, those who are not fans of typical tomato ketchup love to have this signature brown sauce. A condiment which compliments the other flavors of the wraps.

A.2 No, you can buy their signature coffee, the McCafe or McFlurry to go with the breakfast and to make your morning meal more filling and complete. The big breakfast item does not include drinks in it. 

A.3 It is recommended to have your wraps fresh. Although you might refrigerate these wraps for 1-2 days and not more than that. Whenever you want to eat it, just heat it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes and it’s ready to be consumed.

A.4 Although the amount of nutrients slightly varies because of regional and portion size variations yet according to an approximate value a single hash browns in the UK contains 1.2 g of protein in it.

A.5 McDonald’s typically uses Pork sausage patties. These patties are seasoned with a blend of spices and condiments to make it more flavorful, tender and juicy.

A.6 No, the brown sauce served with breakfast wraps are not the same as barbecue wraps. McDonald’s brown sauce is a unique condiment which has its unique flavors. Although it shares some similarities with B.B.Q sauce yet it has a specially crafted flavor that compliments other flavors of the breakfast wraps.

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