McDonalds Chocolate Milkshake in the UK 2024

McDonalds Chocolate milkshake

McDonalds Chocolate milkshake is a classic drink available at McDonald’s UK. It is a delicious drink to try,  especially on hot summer days. It is also quite a popular choice among McDonald’s lovers. Kids also love it because of its creamy and rich taste.

McDonald’s chocolate milkshake has a rich and creamy taste that is so thick that you’ll crave it every day. 

Let’s explore the world of McDonald’s chocolate milkshakes and find out about everything about it.

Chocolate Milkshake Price

Item NameSizePrice
Chocolate Milkshake Small £1.79
Chocolate Milkshake Medium£1.99
Chocolate Milkshake Large £2.19

Chocolate McDonald’s Milkshake Ingredient UK

Here is the ingredient list of a creamy and velvety McDonalds chocolate milkshake:

Allergens in McDonalds Chocolate Milkshake

Finding every ingredient in any food you are consuming is essential to avoid any health risk, as it may contain allergens that can be really harmful. Here is the list of allergens present in McDonald’s chocolate milkshake: 

  • Milk 

McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake Calories

Chocolate Milkshake Small520 Cal. 
Chocolate Milkshake Medium 650 Cal.
Chocolate Milkshake Large 800 Cal.

Chocolate Milkshake McDonald’s (Small)

1 serving % RI
Saturated Fat9.000g45%
Carbohydrates 85.00g31%
Dietary Fiber1.0g4%
Potassium 640mg14%

Chocolate Milkshake McDonald’s (Medium) 

1 serving % RI
Saturated Fat11.000g55%
Carbohydrates 107.00g39%

Chocolate Milkshake McDonald’s (Large)

1 serving % RI
Saturated Fat13.000g65%
Carbohydrates 134.00g49%
Potassium 990 mg21%

Recipe to Make McDonald’s Chocolate Shake at Home

If you love shakes and chocolate milkshakes at McDonald’s is your favorite drink, then it is a good time to make it at home and save money. Here is how you can make a chocolate milkshake that will taste just like McDonald’s: 

  • Add full fat chocolate ice cream in a blender to make a thick shake.
  • Add chilled milk to the mixture and blend until smooth.
  • Add whipped cream on top of the blended mixture and add chocolate syrup on top of it. 
  • Enjoy the delicious and thick chocolate milkshake. 

Also try our quick and simple recipe of McDonald’s strawberry milkshake.

McDonalds Chocolate milkshake

Frequently Asked Questions

The ingredients used in the making of McDonald’s chocolate milkshake are: chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and milk.

We can not say that McDonald’s chocolate milkshake is healthy as it is high in calories and sugar. You can try it once or twice a week, on weekends, or on special occasions.

There are 520 calories in the small size of McDonald’s chocolate milkshake, the medium size contains 650 calories, and 800 calories in the large size.

Final Thoughts 

McDonalds chocolate milkshake is one of the most selling items in Mcdonald’s UK. 

Its rich and chocolatey taste makes it a heavenly drink. So if you haven’t tried the McDonald’s chocolate milkshake, then visit your nearest McDonald’s now.

Not a fan of chocolate? Try creamy and velvety McDonald’s vanilla milkshake.

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