Intro To Egg & Cheese McMuffin

The McDonald’s EGG & CHEESE MCMUFFIN is available in their breakfast menu at the cost of £2.39 for individual selection and if you opt for a complete meal deal, it would cost you £3.99.

This iconic breakfast with its soft and fluffy english muffins with perfectly cooked grade A egg, along with a slice of cheese and a signature ring shaped egg has gathered loyal customers world wide. 


Breakfast hours at McDonald’s starts at 5.00 AM and continues till 11.00 AM, providing ample time to its customers to have their breakfast.

The perfect fusion of all these nutritious ingredients has given a breakfast experience that is healthy, nutritious, comforting and budget friendly.

You may get McDonald’s cheesy Bacon Flatbread and a regular McCafe’s flat white made of premium roast coffee.

Overview of the reasons of popularity of Cheese & Egg McMuffin

Introduced as part of their breakfast menu, egg & cheese mcmuffin has become a symbol of ease and convenience for early risers, busy daily travelers and nutritious breakfast lovers.

From the start, when it was introduced mcd muffin had become an integral part of their breakfast menu item that has never been discontinued.

The main reason for its popularity is the freshness, delicious taste and a completely balanced fusion that fulfills all the dietary needs of a person.

Before the integration of McD’s breakfast, the restaurant was famous for its Latest wrap of the day updates and the specifically curated wraps for each day of the week. But after the launch of their breakfast range, it has become a multidimensional menu offering food chain.

Detailed Information About The Ingredients.

The egg and cheese mcmuffin is prepared using its 

Signature soft English muffin

English muffin

A perfectly cooked egg

Fried Egg

A slice of cheese and some sauces that makes it so special and yummy.

Cheese slices

All these ingredients are added by ensuring the freshness and quality of them, to maintain the high quality and standards of McDonald’s. 

It is an ideal substitute for vegan friendly people and also for persons who prefer to have meatless breakfast.

Nutritional Info Breakdown

Sole reason egg & cheese mcmuffin are popular is that they are full of nourishment, complying with all the dietary needs yet not heavy on the pocket. Calories in egg cheese mcmuffin are mentioned according to dietary breakdown in detail:

Nutritional informationAmount
Energy295 kcal
1236 KJ 
Avg. daily requirement2200 kcal (for normal weight maintenance )
8700 KJ
Protein 15 g
Carbs 27 g
Fat 14 g
Salt 1.1 g
Saturates 5.0 g
Sugar 2.6 g

The table above indicates the nutritional breakdown of a single serving of mcd egg.

Customer Reviews

Ida Medina, a 30 year old resident of santa barbara told that nothing tastes more good at the home where it was first introduced, she said she preferred McDonald’s over any other restaurant for breakfast.

 Process of making an egg & cheese mcmuffin

Preparation & Serving Time

Normally it takes 10-15 minutes, after placing your order that you get what you ordered and if it is busier than usual at McDonald’s then it might take 20 minutes to get you served.

Seasonal Variations

Although the ingredients are very few and are usually served as introduced, yet there might be slight variations and additional condiments added just to cater the needs of regional customers. But it is ensured that these variations would not affect the original taste and texture of egg mcmuffin.

Special measures to maintain quality

Only freshly baked mcmuffins, Grade A eggs and american quality cheese has been used in a hygienic environment. The eggs are cracked freshly and cheese slices are melted to attain the same great taste and signature flavor that had attracted people globally and making almost 35% of total sales revenue. 

The hygiene standards and quality control measures are always kept up to the mark in the kitchen to serve customers what they want and love.

Reasons of popularity

McDonald’s had always adopted the latest tactics to advertise and garner public attraction. This includes massive campaigning on social media. 

Anybody who is a foodie and active on social media handles must be aware of the latest trend which is  #mcmuffinlove

Also their catchy advertisement tunes and bold campaigns had helped them to grow in the hearts of masses.

Allergen Information

egg & cheese mcmuffin may contain some allergens which may include:

  • Wheat and rye gluten, from an English muffin.
  • Eggs.
  • Milk from cheese slices.
  • Also there is a possibility of sesame traces.

It is recommended to get knowledge about these allergens, if you are someone with dietary restrictions or allergies, so that you can enjoy a healthy breakfast.

HomeMade DIY Recipe Recreation Of Egg & Cheese McMuffin

  • Split the toasted muffin and spread butter on it.
  •  In a non-stick pan, fry eggs in a ring shape, almost the size of muffin.
  • Place a ring shaped egg on one half of the muffin.
  • Top with cheese slices.
  • Cover with the other half of the muffin. 
  • Slightly toast it in a preheated pan, enough to melt the cheese.
  • Have it warm to get most of its taste.


Egg and cheese mcmuffin was the first ever item introduced in the breakfast menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

It starts at 5.00 AM nationwide, but if there is any McDonald’s restaurant that opens any later, then it would start serving breakfast as soon as it opens.

The answer to it is NO, since it is included in their breakfast menu item, therefore you can only have it in restaurant’s serving breakfast hours.

Yes, you may customize your breakfast as per your requirement, and dietary preference. You can add an extra slice of cheese or an extra egg to make it more filling and healthy.

Guests with food allergies could make informed selection as the current ingredient information is available from our food suppliers. But, since the kitchen and food preparation areas share a common space, therefore caution is advised to people with dietary restrictions and allergies. 


The egg and cheese mcmuffin by McDonald’s had been an absolute favorite since the time it was introduced, back in 1975. Unlike other items that get discontinued for some time or are introduced for a limited time, mcd egg muffin has never been stopped because of the love and appreciation it has garnered.   

The unique combination of all healthy ingredients and unbeatable taste has made its unique place in the fast food industry. People love to stop and take some time out to enjoy this delectable healthy, tasty and nutritious breakfast. It gives their mornings a healthy kickstart and gives them energy to go through their hectic routines sharply.

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