Bacon & Egg McMuffin is the most selling breakfast menu item. The story of classic Bacon And Egg McMuffin dates back to the early 1970s when McDonald’s decided to introduce something healthy to their breakfast menu. It was a quick hit as soon as it was launched.

Bacon & Egg McMuffin

Price of Bacon & Egg McMuffin

Egg and bacon mcmuffin is available at the cost of £2.79 for a single item while if you opt for the meal option it would cost £4.39.

Calorie Count of Bacon & Egg McMuffin

People who are conscious about their nutritional intake and keep a check on calorie intake can make Bacon and Egg McMuffin their go to breakfast option. Because, it is a healthy combination of lean meat and egg with dairy. Bacon Mcmuffin calorie Count is given below:


calories335 kcal
Protein 20g
Carbohydrates 27g
Fat 16 g
Salt 1.5 g
Saturates 5.9 g
Sugars 2.7 g


Customization option

You can customize your meal as per your requirements. An extra slice of cheese can be added or you can swap the bacon, also another egg can be added to make egg mcmuffin more nutritious and healthy.


Idea Behind Bacon And Egg Mcmuffin

In early 1970, it was the idea that was represented by one of the McDonald’s franchisee Herb Peterson to combine the rich flavors of cheese, bacon and egg together within a classic English muffin.

It was a quick hit as soon as it was launched. Customers from all over the world appreciated the idea and instantly fell in love with the delectable taste of this classic bacon McMuffin

Evaluation Of Bacon & Egg McMuffin

Over the period of time, McDonald’s has offered subtle changes and moderations to cater the needs of customers,and their dietary preferences. Although, these changes were for a limited time and it does not affect the actual taste and core appeal of the meal. These limited time changes were made to keep things fresh and exciting for the customers.

Influence on Fast Food Industry

After the meal was being introduced and later when it gained popularity among masses, many fast food chains adopted this idea of serving an entire breakfast menu to cater needs of customers, realizing that it was a need of time with the morning hectic fit routine.

It gained popularity and the  idea of serving breakfast was a massive hit that helped in increasing sales up to 20% of all the sales.

Customer’s feedback

Sara, a loyal customer of McDonald’s, states that she loves the soft and fluffiness of muffins and perfectly cooked ring shaped eggs of Bacon & Egg McMuffin.

Side Items That Are Served With It

 You can make your Bacon And Egg McMuffin a complete meal by buying it with english muffin with Jam and McDonald’s signature latte with it. 

Integration In The Breakfast Menu

After being introduced it took almost three years to fully incorporate Bacon and egg muffin into their regular meal menu. By 1981, 18% of sales revenue of McDonald’s had been generated by the breakfast menu items only. Many competitors and fast food chains had adopted the idea, pioneered by McDonald’s, of serving breakfast in the busy and hectic morning hours.

Anyone who wants to give them a morning treat can enjoy these delicious egg and bacon mcmuffins in the breakfast slot of the restaurant.

Before the introduction of their morning meal menu, people were only familiar with their exclusive wraps and meals, and were dedicated towards it but after it they love to explore the regular menu items served at McDonald’s.


Homemade DIY Recipe Of Bacon & Egg McMuffin

If you are craving for McD’s Bacon & Egg McMuffin, you can replicate the recipe by following these steps:

  • Split the toasted english muffin, spread butter on it.
  • In a non-stick pan, cook the canadian bacon slices, from both sides.
  • Place a slice of bacon on each bottom half of the muffin, place ring shaped cooked eggs on them, top each with a slice of cheese and cover with the other half of the muffin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The core ingredients of Bacon and Egg McMuffin are fresh A grade eggs, lean canadian bacon, american sliced cheese.

The bacon and egg McMuffin can be served with hash browns and classic small McCafe premium coffee.

Since, it is a breakfast menu item, therefore, it would be available only on limited breakfast hours. That varies according to locations, therefore check your local store serving times.

 Bacon and Egg McMuffin is a complete meal containing carbohydrates and rich protein and can be taken as a complete healthy meal option in breakfast.

The most current ingredient information is available from our food suppliers to common allergens, therefore guests with food allergies could make informed food selections. Although, since the kitchen and food preparation areas are shared therefore, caution is advised for people with food allergies.


Bacon and Eggs shines brightly among the breakfast menu options, it is a testament to McDonald’s commitment towards providing delicious, convenient and healthy meals

Its timeless appeal and  popularity have strengthened its place in the fast food industry, unchallengeable and unchallenged. 

It does not put any effect on the taste and treats of Mcdonald’s vast menu is a treat to your taste buds. It is guaranteed that you would never return back to old sandwiches once you have tried these Bacon And Egg McMuffins,you would surely say “I’M LOVIN IT”

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