Latte By Mcdonalds – A Popular Coffee Choice 

Why I Fell In Love With Latte By McDonalds

A McDonald’s latte is made using espresso shots mixed with steamed milk and topped with a foam layer. Although this coffee variant is available at many restaurants and food joints, the version I had at McDonalds was something that could never be resisted.

As a coffee lover, I have always been curious to find different variants and flavors offered by different food places. But, To be honest, McDonald’s never came into mind to opt for high quality coffee. 

,McCafe’ was introduced by McDonald’s in 1993 to incorporate coffee into their versatile morning menu, to cater the demands of the customers to cater the demands of the customers. At first it was introduced in their breakfast with meals that include breakfast wraps and sandwiches but after sometime due to its popularity and demand they had made its availability from morning hours to working hours.

The aroma and flavor that comes in McCafe’s signature coffee drinks has garnered the attention of millions of customers. Many people who are early risers or those working in late night shifts found warmth and comfort in these hot drinks. 

In this article, I have gathered all the basic information regarding this aromatic beverage, let’s take a look and explore.

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Customization Options

At McDonald’s they serve according to the demands of their customers, therefore you may change the serving size from regular to large as well as can choose the type of milk that you want to be used in your hot drink.

You may also pair it up with an individual order to make it a customized meal. For instance, suppose you had bought their Famous weekly flavors, you may request for a regular latte and they will make it as a customized meal for you.

At some locations they also cater the needs of lactose intolerant people by providing them with non-dairy alternatives like oat and almond milk instead of whole milk.

Availability & Prices

The cost of this aromatic hot drink in regular serving is £ 2.29 and large serving is £ 2.89 , and you can buy it at any McD restaurant with McCafe’ facility during their working hours. 

How Do They Maintain The Quality & Taste Of Hot Drinks

Although I fell in love instantly with coffee served at McDonalds, I was curious to know about the coffee beans that they use in their hot drinks. Therefore, I researched online and asked at a few of their restaurants about the coffee beans used.  

By doing this, I came to know about all the ingredients used in lattes by McDonalds, below is the list of them. Check it out:

  •  Coffee beans: at McDonalds they use 100% pure arabica coffee beans which are freshly grounded to make espresso shots that are to be used in their lattes. These arabica beans are famous for their aromatic and strong, bold flavor and are more flavorful as compared to robusta beans which are usually used by other fast food chains for their coffee drinks. The robusta beans are famous for their slightly bitter after taste while Arabica beans retain a perfectly balanced flavor which makes it more famous among coffee lovers.
  • Milk: milk plays an important role in developing the taste and flavor of lattes at McDonalds. You may have the facility to customize your hot drink by choosing the type of milk that you want in your coffee. You may choose between whole milk and semi-skimmed milk. With whole milk you might get a coffee that is more rich in fat content and has a bold flavor, while with semi-skimmed milk you might get a low fat lighter version of it.

Fun Fact

Calorie Count Of McDonald’s Latte

The calorie count and nutritional information of the famous and beloved coffee drink latte McDonalds is given in the chart below:

Nutritional Information Regular Serving Large Serving
Energy (KJ)610828
Energy (KCAL)145197
Fat (g)5.27.1
Of which saturated (g)3.24.3
Carbohydrates (g)1419
Of which sugar (g)1419
Fibre (g)0.00.0
Protein (g)1114
Salt (g)0.320.43

Allergen Information

It is advised for people with lactose intolerance that you must make informed orders, so that you might be provided with dairy alternatives, in order to avoid allergies that are food-borne.

Pricing & Accessibility – Reason Behind The Fame


The mere cost at which customers have been able to get such aromatic coffee drinks that too, at a famous fast food giant, makes it an unavoidable choice.

People who love to start their mornings with an energizing caffeine packed hot drink to the people who work late night shifts and have to commute in odd hours, found these signature McCafe’ series an alluring and irresistible treat to cherish.

Some people pair their cup of latte with their crispy hash browns to get a meal that is full of energy and caffeine.

The cups in which these hot drinks are served are designed in a way that they retain the heat within them making the drink warm and comforting for longer. Also they are manageable with one hand because of their sleek and detailed designs, making it a convenient solution for the cold weather while driving. 

Do You Know?

DIY Recipe Of Latte By McDonalds

If you are a coffee lover and don’t want to go out just to buy a cup of hot drinks served at McDonalds. Then do not worry as here I am sharing the recipe of a perfectly brewed hot latte recipe. Let’s check it out:


  • Coffee beans 2 Tbsp.
  • Whole milk A cup.
  • Sugar As Per Taste.
  • Flavored syrup (optional).


  • Grind coffee beans into a fine powder.
  • Add sugar as per your taste.
  • Pour hot water to make an espresso shot. 
  • Add pre boiled, well stirred hot milk into the espresso mixture.
  • Serve hot or cold as per your wish.


Given below are some tips and hacks that would ensure an aromatic coffee:

  • Use an instant coffee frother to make espresso shots.
  • You may also use the frother to blend milk that would ensure a well frothed creamy layered milk.
  • You may add any flavored syrup of your choice to enhance the taste.
  • For a cold serving of latte, you must not use hot milk.
  • Use cold milk, it would also froth well.
  • Use ice cubes to make it extra chilled. 

Customer feedback

Paul Adams claims that no one among his social circle is not in love with McD’s hot drinks as much as he does. He States that there is no other coffee barista that makes such perfect hot drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

At McDonald’s, they use 100% pure Arabica coffee beans sourced from high-quality coffee growing regions in central and south America. The beans are famous for their rich aromatic flavor as well as they are low in acidity.

McDonald’s offers several milk options for its customers to choose from while customizing their lattes. These options may include whole milk, semi-skimmed milk and non-dairy alternatives such as oats and almond milk. These options are incorporated to cater people with different dietary needs.

Yes, you may customize your latte by choosing from a variety of syrups available at restaurants. These may include caramel, vanilla and hazelnut syrups. These syrups are added as per the choice of the customers to enhance the flavor of their hot drink.

A regular serving of lattes contain approximately 145 grams of calories, 6 grams of fat and 14 grams of sugar. It is to be noted that this nutritional information is for regular serving of your drink. It may vary if you opt for different added toppings and choose a different serving size.   

The amount of caffeine may vary depending upon the serving size, however an approximate estimated calculation, a small shot of espresso contains 63 grams, medium has 126 grams and large contains 129 milligrams of caffeine in it.


After complete research and exploring the latte by McDonald’s, I can surely say that it is a statement of flavor, taste and aroma that is served by McDonald’s.

It offers a perfect balance of taste, flavor, richness and affordability thus making it a popular choice among coffee lovers. At McDonald’s they ensure that every evolution in their menu is sourced from sustainable sources and is environment friendly.   

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