My Journey Of Love With McDonald’s CheeseBurger Meal

My earliest memories about cheeseburger happy meal are blurred as I had tried this delectable feast when I was very young. But, I still remember the first time I saw their red box with an iconic golden arch. I had always been a fan of McDonald’s burgers and especially their fries.

I also remember that my parents had made me taste McD’s scrumptious hamburger meal, and from then I always get confused on what to order because both were awesome.

The aroma of melted cheese along with juicy beef patty and soft buns had won hearts of millions. As I took my first bite, a burst of flavors treated my tastebuds. Besides the juicy cheeseburger, the excitement of getting a surprise toy was beyond words. Their golden fries were my most favorite item of the happy meal.

My parents also love to try new items every time we visit there, as McD have got a hearty and delicious food range available that has got something for everyone. My younger brother now love to have their yummy chicken nuggets

The fact that I love the most about these meals is the variety of beverages that they offer. You can either choose organic semi-skimmed milk or reduced sugar chocolate milk, plain water or organic fruit juice.

Cost & Availability 

The cheeseburger happy meal is available at the cost of £ 3.89 and can be bought from 11.00 AM and onwards.

Special Ingredients That Make A Cheeseburger So Tempting?

The condiments and ingredients that contribute in making and enhancing the taste of these happy meal burgers so delicious are sourced from reputed suppliers and get checked for quality assurance time and time again.

My curiosity led me to do research about the ingredients that make these cheeseburger meals so tempting and flavorful. The details of the ingredients are:

  • Buns: soft and fluffy buns provide the perfect base for further toppings.
  • Beef patties: made with 100% canadian beef these patties add a burst of flavor and juiciness to the whole meal.
  • Pickles: the pickles add crunchiness to the meal making it more delectable and delicious.
  • Onions: the sliced onion adds crispness to the burger making it a treat for your tastebuds. 
  • Processed cheese slice: the perfectly melted cheese aids in combining all the flavors and enhancing the overall taste of the happy meal cheeseburger.
  • Ketchup: the ketchup contributes by adding moistness and hints of sweet flavor to the meal.
  • Mustard Paste: The mustard paste is known for its rich texture and creamy flavors. 
  • Mayonnaise: it helps in providing overall flavor with a touch of creaminess and tangy flavor.
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Do You Know

In US, there are more McDonald’s than hospitals,there are almost one and a half more McDonald’s than the hospitals in all the states.

Recipe Of Cheeseburgers Happy Meal By McDonald’s

Although not exactly, you may try and replicate the recipe of happy meal cheeseburgers at home and enjoy the delicious treat without spending a penny.

These are the things that you may need:

  • Salt- A pinch
  • Black pepper- A Pinch
  • Ground onion – 1 large
  • Ketchup- 2 Tbsp
  • Mustard- 1 TbSp.
  • Pickles- 5 slices.
  • Ground beef- 500gms.
  • American cheese slices 1-2
  • Burger buns 1

Cooking & preparation

  • In a large mixing bowl, add ground beef, sprinkle salt and black pepper as per your taste.
  • Make a round ball and then place it on a butter paper, with the help of a spatula or palm, flattened it into a large round patty.
  • Heat oil in a large pan, add beef patty into it, cook for 60 seconds then flip it, add 1 tbsp butter and cook on low flame. Turn side after 3 minutes.
  • Cook until the patty is done and turned golden.


  • Remove the top of the burger bun.
  • Toast the bottom half of the bun to make it crunchier.
  • Now place down the patty on the bottom of the bun.
  • Add ground onion, salt and black pepper.
  • Add pickle slices, as much as you like.
  • Now drizzle mustard sauce and ketchup onto the patty.
  • Cover it with cheese slices.
  • Top it all with the second top most half of the bun.
  • Toast it on a hot griddle until cheese gets melted to the perfect consistency.

Tips To Get A Perfect Cheese Burger

  • You can add more slices of cheese or pickle as per your taste bud preference.
  • Another beef patty could be added to make your burger more healthy and filling.
  • Serve it warm to enjoy it the best.
  • French fries or a bowl of fruit or any vegetable of your choice could be added on to enhance the nutritional content of your cheeseburger meal.

Customer reviews

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Mr. Rishi, a renowned journalist claims that he and his kids have never missed their sunday breakfasts at McDonald’s, as he loves to take timeout from his hectic schedule and relive his childhood memories with his kids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 The exact number of carbohydrates could vary depending on the portion size and serving amount of the meal. The calories and nutritional amount may vary depending upon the ingredients that are added or removed from it. Although, an approximate estimated value of carbohydrates in a cheeseburger of mcdonald’s are 31 grams.

A.2 Although, it is recommended that you must consume it while these burgers are warm and fresh, you may buy it in advance and refrigerate it. Whenever you want to have it, just pop it in the oven and heat it for 4-5 minutes. You may also heat it using a hot griddle, but ensure that you keep an eye on the food so that it might not get burnt or spoiled while heating it.

A.3 As per updates from McDoanld’s, they have incorporated chicken burgers into their happy meals menu since 2022, but it is always a better idea to check for your local restaurants outlets to ensure the availability of any menu item.

A.4 The protein content in the fries served at McDonald’s may vary depending on the portion and serving size of the menu item. However, according to an estimate, the small serving of potato fries at McD contains around 3 grams of protein.

A.5 Yes, At Mcdonald’s they facilitate customer’s demands and cater their need to modify the orders as per their request. You may omit or add ingredients as per your preference and dietary needs.

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