McDonalds 3 For £3 Mix And Match Deal – Food Items, Calories

McDonalds 3 For £3

McDonald’s launched McDonalds 3 for £3 deal  in which you can purchase any 3 items of your choice from the items included in the deal for just £3. It’s a great deal, and it saves a lot of money. McDonald’s lovers are loving this deal, as they can now enjoy all of their favorite food items from Mcdonald’s at a very low price.

So, if you are craving McDonald’s, but don’t have the budget to order many things then benefit from this deal and get your favorite three items for just £3.

List of Food Items Available at McDonalds 3 for £3

There are many options from which you can choose your three favorite items from McDonald’s UK menu. Here is the list of items available in McDonalds 3 for £3 deal. 

Calories and Regular prices of Available Food Items

ItemCaloriesRegular prices
Cheeseburger263 kcal£1.49
Veggie Dippers201 kcal£2.99
Hamburger250 kcal£1.29
Small Fries237 kcal£1.59
Mayo Chicken315 kcal£1.49
Mini McFlurry (Smarties)186 kcal £1.59
Side Salad20 kcal£1.09
Apple Pie250 kcal£1.89
Mini McFlurry (Oreo)169 kcal £1.59
Chicken McNuggets170 kcal_

Frequently Asked Questions

McDonald’s 3 for £3 is a deal launched by McDonald’s in which you can choose any 3 of your favorite food items from the ones included in the deal for just £3. 

It was launched in May 2024 in the UK.

The items included in the McDonalds 3 for £3 meal deal are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, apple pie, side salad, veggie dippers, three flavors of mini McFlurries, small fries, mayo chicken, and nuggets.

Yes, vegans can try the crispy veggie dippers, as they are suitable for vegetarians.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a great deal, and people are loving it so far as they are saving some money because of this McDonalds 3 for £3 meal deal. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your favorite three items from the McDonald’s menu before the deal ends? Remember that if you are thinking about ordering this deal for home delivery, then you’ll be charged £4 for it because of the delivery charges.

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