Mcdonalds Toffee Latte – A Delightful Blend Of Coffee And Toffee

Why I Love Toffee Latte By McDonalds 

I remember when I first heard about McDonalds toffee latte, my curiosity led me to try it as soon as I got the opportunity. I am famous in my social circle, as someone who loves to try new flavors and variants of the beverages. 

As soon as I took the first sip from the cup I instantly fell in love with this incredibly flavorful and aromatic coffee beverage. The taste with strong and bold coffee flavors with hints of vanilla and caramel, was presented in a way that anybody would love to reorder.

Although since my childhood, McDonald’s has been synonymous with fast food items and specifically their burgers and fries. But, the chain had never disappointed its fans by incorporating newer items and beverages into their routine menu, just to cater the needs and demands of its customers.

This Item is an example of the chain’s commitment towards serving their customers with the best. Made with freshly  ground 100% Arabica beans and whole milk, you may customize your latte with the syrup of your favorite flavor.

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Availability & Prices

These beverages are available at the starting cost of £ 1.79 and are available during the working hours at the restaurants which are equipped with McCafe’ facilities.

Customization Options

At McDonald’s you may customize your latte by opting the serving size. It is available in two different serving options which are:

  • Regular at the price of £ 1.79
  • Large at the price of £ 2.09 

The Ingredients Of Toffee Latte By McDonald’s

The ingredients that make this latte an irresistible coffee beverage are as mentioned:

  • Semi skimmed milk: because of its reduced fat content, it provides a smooth and creamy texture without being extremely rich thus giving a lighter yet delightful experience of coffee drink. 
  • Coffee: the freshly ground 100% pure arabica coffee beans provide a bold and aromatic coffee flavor to the whole drink. It also works as a perfect base that balances the sweet toffee flavor with a strong espresso blend.
  • Toffee syrup:the star of the whole treat is the toffee syrup that adds a buttery sweet flavor to the whole drink. This syrup blends perfectly with the espresso and milk, while adding due sweetness to the overall flavor.
  • Spray cream: the spray cream enhances the texture and presentation, while adding a layer of extra creaminess into the toffee latte. It makes the drink more flavorful and rich while making it an irresistible treat.
  • Toffee drizzle: the toffee drizzle acts as the famous “cherry on top” look, it enhances the beauty of the presentation of toffee latte while adding hints of sweetness in the spray cream.

Fun Fact

Nutritional Value Table Of Toffee Latte By McDonalds

The calories and nutritional values are mentioned on almost everything. It is a necessary information that is every customer’s right to know. At McDonald’s they provide detailed information about the calorie count of each of their ingredients used. 

Here is the nutritional value chart of toffee latte by McDonalds:

Nutritional InformationRegular serving Large serving
Energy (KJ)786976
Energy (KCAL)187232
Fat (g)6.37.5
Of which saturated (g)4.14.8
Carbohydrates (g)2531
Of which sugar (g)2329
Fibre (g)0.00.0
Protein (g)7.910
Salt (g)0.250.32

 Marketing & Advertising Campaign

McDonald’s UK has done a commendable job while marketing their McCafe’ range.Be it their signature Flat white that might be paired up with the warm bowl of porridge or any other hot drink. They had highlighted the effectiveness of a beverage with regards to the weather of a place.

Therefore, in Toffee latte’s marketing they had highlighted the seasonal aspect of the drink, presenting it as a drink full of warmth and coziness. 

They have also promoted it during their advertisement campaigns and promotional deals and I can recall watching numerous campaigns where they have placed promotional offers such as reduced prices during special hours or with special deals.

For instance I remember an ad where they happily announced that if you buy one of their signature double bacon McMuffin then you would get a complimentary hot beverage from them.

Do You Know?

Home Made Recipe Of Toffee Latte

toffee latte


  • Milk A cup
  • Freshly ground coffee beans 2 tbsp
  • Toffee nut mixture
  • Whipping cream for decoration
  • Toffee syrup for drizzling
  • Nuts for garnishing
  • Hot water 2 tbsp


  • Mix hot water into coffee beans to make espresso shots.
  • Pour toffee nut mixture into the cup.
  • Add frothed milk into the cup.
  • Mix well.
  • Now add espresso shots.
  • If you like your toffee latte warm, pour hot milk or else use cold milk.
  • Now use whipping cream for decoration.
  • Add a handful of chopped nuts for garnishing.
  • Use toffee syrup to drizzle.


You may pair it up with your favorite meal or can have it on its own. You may have this flavorful beverage hot or cold. It all depends on your priority and choice.

Customer feedback

Sara, an accountant, states that she absolutely loves the promotional drink offered by McDonalds, i.e toffee latte. She further says that it has become her go-to drink ever since she had tried it.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the toffee latte by McDonalds is usually a seasonal beverage and is served in colder months to cater their customers with warm and cozy drinks.

The regular serving of a toffee latte has 260 calories. The calorie count includes the espresso, semi-skimmed milk, rich toffee syrup, whipped cream and the toffee drizzle. Although it may vary if you opt to add or omit any of the ingredients from your toffee latte.

Yes, the espresso in toffee latte contains caffeine content making it an energy boosting warm and cozy drink.

The Toffee latte contains milk and may contain traces of other allergens, therefore people who are lactose intolerant must make informed orders to avoid any food-borne diseases.

Yes, it is a meat-less product and can be consumed by people who like to have vegetarian diets. However, you must make informed orders to avoid food-borne diseases.

The toffee latte stands different from other lattes because of the flavored toffee syrup. The rich and aromatic buttery toffee syrup makes it different from all the other forms of latte.

The amount of caffeine may vary with different factors. The caffeine element in the toffee latte is derived from espresso shots used in it. The estimated approximate amount of caffeine in regular serving of it is 63 milligrams.

The sugar content in a regular serving of toffee latte is approximately 35 grams.

This sugar count includes the sugar from toffee syrup, whipped cream, and toffee drizzle as well as natural sugars from the milk. It is advised that you must keep a check on your sugar intake if you are consuming too much of it.


The toffee latte by McDonalds is a flavorful mixture of toffee and coffee making it a unique and warm beverage. With its unique pricing and aromatic texture this toffee latte has conquered the hearts of many customers globally.

The effective marketing strategy by McD has also played a pivotal role in the success and fame of this cozy beverage. I recommend you that do give it a try and make your winter treats cherishable.

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