MacDonald’s Spicy Veggie One Wrap of the day

MacDonald’s Spicy Veggie One Wrap of the day made from soft toasted flatbread, filled with tasty veggie dippers spicy relish, crisp lettuce red onion, and tomato certified by the Vegetarian Society. Wrap of the Day every Monday and Thursday!

MacDonald's Spicy Veggie
Calories: 364 kcal

Vegan McDonald’s

It is great to know as demand for veggie food increased everywhere now McDonald’s satisfying their customer’s needs. It is particularly necessary that young people should be able to select something with which they can obtain sustenance in going out with friends.

Ingredients in the The MacDonald’s Spicy Veggie One


A whole wheat tortilla wraps the entire product, supplying 6 g of fiber and protein alone. It is a vegan, dairy-free option that has no cholesterol and uses no artificial colorants or preservatives.


The wrap features different spicy and flavorful vegetables that add to the taste of the dish. The diced jalapeños and bell peppers supply heat, while shredded carrots cabbage spinach bring the freshness. These crispy, healthy veggies are sprinkled with chili powder and cumin for a kick of savory spice from every bite.


A hearty combination of black beans and pinto makes this wrap healthful and fulfilling. Beans also double as a great meat substitute owing to the fact that, beans are high in protein and fiber but budget-friendly while being environmentally sustainable.


A creamy and sweet vegan mayonnaise builds on the potato salad ingredients, giving it added heat. However, a cool cilantro-lime vinaigrette adds that much-needed kick of zest at the very end (finish). These sauces add more plate and do not overpower the taste of these veggies, nor a wrap.

Nutritional Information

Serving SizeWrap 195g
Energy365 calories

At McDonald’s they want to cater to every customer’s needs and demands. That is why they give their customers options to upgrade their order into a complete meal. You may order crispy and crunchy signature Hash browns with your wrap to get a filling feel.

Some of us want to have something sweet with every meal. It can be in the  form of a chocolate or as a sweet and energizing toffee latte. You can also  pair it up with a cold beverage like an energizing and captivating iced coffee. So kickstart your day and give it a boost by ordering a complete meal from McDonald’s.

Tips for Customizing Your Spicy Veggie Wrap

It is up to you if you want your spicy wrap with vegetables customized. Request additional spinach or corn, eliminate the tortilla strips, and add ingredients such as roasted peppers mushrooms, or even avocado. The possibilities are endless. McDonald’s focuses on appealing to its customers through their “have it your way” policy.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

MacDonald’s latest vegan alternative called Spicy Veggie Wrap is a great tasty offering worth trying. Full of flavorful items, it serves you vegetarian protein-loaded food that will keep your stomach and soul satisfied. For only $3.49, the Spicy Veggies Wraps are affordable on any budget without going overboard in price range It’s an affordable vegan meal that is equally good anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to slow down for a fine dining experience when your stomach is growling at the sudden desire to indulge in something fast, easy, and vegetarian.

McDonald’s outrages vegetarians by serving ‘veggie wraps’ with chicken inside. ‘Vegetarians who have bitten into McDonald’s new chicken-free wrap are angry to find a strip of animal meat inside.’ Customers who bought Spicy Veggie Wraps and were affected have now taken to social sites, where they challenge the situation with expressions of disgust at what has happened. Fast food has accepted that such a situation “is inappropriate. A vegetarian admitted to not enjoying it when he made this discovery.


So, if you desire to have a tasty wrap full of spices on the road but not meat then go for MacDonald’s new Spicy Veggie Wrap. It delivers quite well for a fast food quick fix, evoking varied flavors and textures. The vegetables are crunchy; the cheese is well melted, and the killer sauce has just enough chili for your satisfaction. It is lower in calories at only 350, yet it will satiate you without adding unnecessary weight to your body. In addition, given the low cost of $3.90, it is a bargain consumption that just can’t be surpassed.

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