McDonald’s New Mcflurry Flavors UK 2024

Mcflurry is a must have item to get after enjoying a delicious happy meal at McDonald’s UK because of its rich taste. If you have never tasted mcflurry before and now want to try it but not sure what flavor to choose from unlimited delicious ones. The reasons behind the McFlurry’s popularity are the rich and quality ingredients used in their making.

Let’s find out about the different McFlurry flavors available at McDonald’s UK and what are the ingredients used to make these delicious treats that make them more special.

McFlurry flavors

McDonald’s Mcflurry Flavors Uk

Each McFlurry flavors available at McDonald’s UK has a very exciting and unique flavor that fully satisfies my cravings for something sweet and fulfilling. 

Here are the list of some of the most popular McDonald’s McFlurries in the Uk;

Maltesers McFlurry


The crunchy chocolate balls filled with all the goodness in soft-serve chilled ice cream that will satisfy your sweet cravings, and are also very affordable.

It’s a sweet and creamy treat for those who love maltesers. With 266 calories and made with the finest quality ingredients, including ice cream, Maltesers® Clusters, and it contains allergens like milk, wheat, barley, oats, and soya.

Smarties McFlurry


Smarties McFlurry is a very popular item among kids. Its ice cream is glazed chocolate crumbs, and a perfect thing to try in the hot weather.

The colorful Smarties is a timeless candy that together with a softness and creaminess of ice cream brings joy to many.

Smarties McFlurry contains 273 calories, and is made with the finest quality ingredients including ice cream, smarties, and contains allergens like milk, wheat, barley, oats, and soya.

Oreo McFlurry


Oreo is everyone’s favorite and combining it with ice cream can be a heavenly combination. Oreo McFlurry is a combination of crunchy mini Oreo biscuits mixed with the deliciousness of soft ice cream that gives it a finger licking chocolatey taste.

Oreo McFlurry contains 258 calories and is made with the finest quality ingredients including ice cream, oreo crumbs, and contains allergens like milk, wheat, barley, oats, and barley.

KitKat Milk Chocolate McFlurry


KitKat is a beloved chocolate for millions of people around the world. This flavor is a richness of soft milk ice cream combined with crispy waffle pieces and chocolate chips to give the perfect creamy and crunchy texture. 

KitKat milk chocolate McFlurry contains 163 calories and is made with the finest quality ingredients including ice cream, KitKat, and contains allergens like milk, wheat, barley, oats, and barley.

KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry


A combination made in heaven. This heavenly McDonald’s ice cream with KitKat pieces and raspberry sauce. This sweet and tangy flavor awakens your taste buds and takes you to another world.

Cadbury Dairy Milk


Cadbury Dairy Milk is a favorite chocolate of millions of people and nothing can beat the richness of it. It is combined with the softness and creaminess of ice cream topped with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate pieces and drizzled with delicious chocolate sauce to make the taste richer. 

McDonald’s UK Mcflurry flavors Price 

The price of each item in the McDonald’s McFlurry UK depends on the size and flavor.

Here is the list of items and mcflurry flavors cost in the UK.

Item Price
Oreo McFlurry £1.19 – £1.59
KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry£1.59 – £2.19
Smarties McFlurry£1.19 – £1.59
KitKat Milk Chocolate McFlurry£1.59 – £2.19
Maltesers McFlurry£1.19 – £1.59
Galaxy Chocolate McDonald’s McFlurry£1.69

McDonald’s McFlurry UK Calories

If you are concerned about your calorie intake, but love to treat yourself with something sweet like McFlurry then know that the calories depend on the flavor and size of the item. 

Here is the list of all the items available, along with McFlurry calories.

Item Calories
Oreo McFlurry258 kcal
KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry 163 kcal
Smarties McFlurry273 kcal
KitKat Milk Chocolate McFlurry 163 kcal
Maltesers McFlurry 266 kcal

If you’re in the UK and want something healthier without sacrificing taste or quality, McDonald’s has all your food dreams could ever want. Choose from the huge selection of tasty treats with McDonalds Breakfast Menu Sandwiches and most famous Wraps menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

The calorie count and nutritional values may vary according to the serving size of each item. Each item in the McFlurry menu has less than 300 calories.

Yes, there are many amazing and delicious mcflurry flavors that vegetarians can enjoy including Galaxy Chocolate McDonald’s McFlurry, Oreo McDonald’s McFlurry, Maltesers McFlurry McDonald’s, and McDonald’s Galaxy Caramel McFlurry.

McDonald’s Galaxy® Caramel McFlurry® and Galaxy® Chocolate McDonald’s McFlurry® are the two flavorful and delicious items included in the McDonald’s menu but for limited time only so don’t waste any more time and try them out before they run out. 


McDonald’s UK is offering a wide range of McFlurry Flavors and some of them are limited edition. If you live outside the UK, then you may not find all these flavors but you can definitely try them out when you are visiting the UK on vacation. To end your day on a sweet note, Nothing can be a better option than Mcdonald’s UK McFlurry Flavors. From soft and creamy ice cream to the richness of chocolate McFlurry is a perfect sweet to try after a full meal.

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