McDonald’s Banana Milkshakes

Banana milkshakes at McDonald’s are famous for their thick consistency, creamy texture, and unbeatable taste. What makes them so special? Well, you can say that it is made with the finest quality ingredients that enhance their taste more than any other milkshake.

Let’s explore the creamy and velvety world of the magnificent and delightful banana milkshake and find out the reasons that make it more special than any other milkshake flavors.

Banana milkshakes

The Cost of the McDonald’s Banana Milkshake 

Banana Milkshakes is available on all McDonald’s branches across the UK. The price of the shake depends on the size, as there are three sizes available. The price of the small size of banana milkshake is £1.79, the medium size costs £1.99, and the large size is available for £2.19.

Banana milkshakes MCDONALDS
Item NameSizePrice
Banana Milkshake Small £1.79
Banana Milkshake Medium£1.99
Banana Milkshake Large £2.19

The Ingredient List of the Classic Banana Milkshakes

The delicious banana milkshake at McDonald’s is made with only a few ingredients, but these few ingredients together make a drink that is worth trying once a week. The ingredients used in the making of McDonald’s banana milkshake are:

  • Milk
  • Banana 
  • Sweetener
  • Ice cream 
Banana milkshakes

Allergens Containing Ingredients in Banana Milkshake 

Before consuming anything, you should definitely know about the allergens it contains, as allergens can cause severe allergic reactions. The allergens present in the Mcdonald’s banana milkshakes are:

  • Milk
  • Soy
  • Tree nuts and peanuts
  • Egg

The Calorie Count of the evergreen McDonald’s Banana Milkshake

Banana Milkshake Small188 Cal. 
Banana Milkshake Medium 357 Cal.
Banana Milkshake Large 459 Cal.

Banana Milkshakes Nutritional Information 

Banana Milkshake McDonald’s (Small)

1 serving % RI
Energy787 kj9%
Saturated Fat2.600g13%
Carbohydrates 33.00g13%

Banana Milkshake McDonald’s (Medium) 

1 serving % RI
Energy1494 kj18%
Saturated Fat4.900g25%
Carbohydrates 62.00g24%

Banana Milkshake McDonald’s (Large)

1 serving % RI
Energy1920 kj23%
Saturated Fat6.300g32%
Carbohydrates 80.00g31%

DIY Recipe

If you are craving a McDonald’s banana milkshake but feeling too lazy to visit mcdonald’s, then you can try our five-minutes recipe to make it at home:

Banana milkshakes
  • Blend banana, vanilla ice cream, and milk together until smooth.
  • Add whipped cream on top.
  • Your 5-minute banana milkshake that tastes just like McDonald’s is ready to enjoy. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 188 calories in the small size, 357  in the medium size, and 459 in the large size of McDonald’s banana milkshake.

The price of a small banana milkshake is £1.79, medium size is £1.99 and the large size is £2.19.

McDonald’s banana milkshakes contains allergens like milk, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, and eggs.

Yes, McDonald’s banana milkshake is made with real ripe bananas.

Final Words

Banana milkshake is a sweet treat that is loved by people of all ages, especially kids, for many years. So what are you waiting for? Try this refreshing and sweet banana milkshake and make your boring day fun and exciting.

If you are craving for something chocolatey then try rich and creamy McDonald’s chocolate shake.

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